SR 5 million Fines, 5 Years Jail for selling fake or 1st copy of Cosmetic Products

Counterfeit products have become much too common in these modern times. While some of these counterfeit products are seemingly harmless such as counterfeit branded bags, belts, watches etc. which have existed since I can remember, there are also some products which are extremely harmful to the users. These types of harmful products include counterfeit medicine, cosmetics, and food products. These counterfeit products have now unfortunately made their way over to the KSA.[irp]

There are a number of expatriate women currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who are busy in selling various kinds of products through social media platforms as well as a door to door sales service. Firstly, we must realize that the products we are talking about are fake or copies of original products. In the Kingdom, it is completely illegal to sell these types of fake products under any circumstances. Those who are selling these products can very well be facing deportation along with their entire family. 

All those people who are found guilty of promoting or selling corrupt and fake cosmetic products, or those who are committing any other sort of mal practice will be facing dour penalties. These penalties include a fine of up to SAR 5 Million and/or a maximum prison term of 5 years. These new charges are in accordance with the new regulations.

The facility in which this malpractice or violation of the law is taking place will be closed down until the irregularities have been corrected. It may also result in the permanent revoking of the license to operate. The media reported on the issue, citing the new regulations which will be coming into effect in six months’ time. In accordance with the new rules, the most serious of violations are fraud or cheating in the products themselves, promoting expired, fake or corrupt products or if the data listed about the product is not consistent with the product itself and using false or falsified information in order to demote or promote any product.

The parties or people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are bringing in the covers or containers of any cosmetic product in order to manufacture, sell, possess, refill or display a cheated or fake version of any cosmetic products, or those who have given incorrect information about the cosmetic products to the SFDA or the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. This is the description entailed to the violators stated clearly in the new regulations.[irp]

The new regulations have also stated in them that any inspector in the Kingdom must be showing their card before entering any premises or facility for the intention of inspection. The inspector is also entitled to have complete access to all of the records and documents of the facility; they may even take copies of any of the records for themselves if and when necessary. All inspectors are also legally allowed to take samples or some of the cosmetic products to have tested and analyzed by the relevant authorities.

Source: Arab News