5 Tips for working men and working women in Ramadan

Ramadan is the most awaited month to which the Muslims all over the world look for a greater feeling of blessings from Allah. It the month of fasting and all Muslims is obliged to fast in this holy month.

Along with fasting, Muslims prepare them self for self-accountability before Allah and therefore everyone tries to offer prayers and spend more and more time in the mosques.

The routine of every Muslim change as they are not allowed to drink or eat anything from dawn to dusk. Working people find it more challenging to create a balance between their work and their prayers time. 

It is suggested that taking vacations in Ramadan especially at the end of the Ramadan can help a person devote maximum time to exclusively worship Allah.

Although it is not easy to get vacations as every office follows a different policy for vacations for all employees. But there are some constructive ways by which we can make the most of the Ramadan.

1-TIME TABLE FOR RAMADAN: Time management is one key factor that can help you achieve all your goals. So preparing a Ramadan timetable for yourself is always a good idea to plan your day accordingly.

One should divide the day in a way that he/she gets enough time for Ramadan rituals. For example, you can plan when you want to recite Quran and when you need time to focus on your salah. So setting goals will help you to manage your time effectively.

2-SUHOOR IS VERY IMPORTANT: Try your best not to miss Suhoor as every Muslim must eat (PRE-DAWN MEAL). Suhoor is important as it’s the only meal that a fasting person will have as he/she cannot eat before Maghrib.

Make sure you always wake up 10 to 20 minutes before Suhoor and you must perform Salat Tahajjud. You are just required to offer two Rakats. You can also utilize the time between Fajr and Suhoor to recite the Holy Quran. Reading one para every day is the best way to complete the Holy Quran in the month of Ramadan.

3-UTILIZE TIME WHEN YOU ARE TRAVELLING: You must not waste time while sitting idle even if you are traveling. You can carry a pocket Quran or you can download apps to your phone.

While commuting to your workplace you can simply get your hands on listening Quran. You can also carry hosiery in your bag and can recite tasbeeh.

4-TIME FOR ALLAH: When there is a will there is a way. If you find a mosque very nearby to your workplace, take the advantage of this and try to spend more and more time in offering salah. You can simply walk to Masjid in your lunch break rather than be sitting at the office and do nothing.

5-HELP OTHERS AT HOME: After going home and taking some rest you must try your best to help your family members in completing the preparations for the Iftar. You should be productive at home as our Holy Prophet used to work himself.