5 things you should avoid saying to the people fasting in Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims that is not only limited to quit eating from dawn to dusk, it is a complete code of conduct that teaches self–discipline, patience, spirituality and above all the best time to examine and review one’s actions and mistakes.

There are certain things that people, especially Non-Muslims, should avoid saying to the people who are fasting. Since there are so many Non-Muslims living in Saudi Arabia, we are covering this topic in detail.

01-So you don't eat or drink anything at all for 30 days? This is one of the most common questions that Non-Muslims ask the Muslims during the month of Ramadan.

Obviously, it’s a Month of blessing for Muslims and they prepare to fast in this month to earn the countless blessings from God. Fasting helps to purify the body from numerous toxins.

So fasting for continuous 30 days never causes any harm and nobody feels like skipping fasts in the holy month of Ramadan.

02-Is it ok to eat in front of you? It is the power of the fasting that makes a person very patient and calm. You must not ask if you really want to eat in front of a person who is fasting.

One has the control over his/her hunger during fasting and this is the basis of fasting: to refrain from food from dawn to dusk. Instead of asking you must eat your food.

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03-Why do you do it to yourself? Isn’t it bad for you? Being a Non-Muslim you must not ask lame questions based on your own perceptions. Fasting is a very healthy activity that radiates positive energy.

One should not pass any negative comments about it. It is a blessing and not a burden on a Muslim. And it has all good outcomes. If someone is not feeling well he/she has the right to skip the fast depending on the medical condition but it’s not a punishment for one’s self.

04-Must be a great way to get in shape! Fasting in the month of Ramadan is the best way to lose weight and to give a perfect shape to your body.

Muslims all over the world try their best to make the most of the holy month by not indulging in food rich in fats and cholesterol. In fact, many Muslims avoid eating oily fried food items and look for healthier food options.

05-Eat some of this, no one will know': This is an inappropriate way of treating someone who is fasting. Fasting is the way of showing your love for your creator who is watching you everywhere. You can hide in the darkness and isolate yourself from everyone, but Allah is always there to look at you.

Even if you are telling someone to break the fast just for fun, this thing is very unethical. All Muslims take fasting as a religious obligation imposed on them by Allah. One should not offer food to a person who is fasting.