14 Habits of Filipinos which make them “the Most Liked Nationality” in KSA

There are around 1 million Filipinos living in Saudi Arabia. If you list down the number of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia from different nationalities, Filipinos come at number 3 after Indians and Pakistani expatriates.

There must be a reason Saudi Employers hire a huge number of Filipino workers in Saudi Arabia. Yes, there is not only 1 or 2 reasons, there are 14 reasons and good habits of Filipino workers which make them the most liked nationality of Saudi Employers.

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1-Hospitality is one of the most popular traits of the Filipinos. They are a friendly people and usually welcoming to any guests.

2-Resilience and adaptability are another trait of the Filipino people; despite several calamities, they have stood resilient. Even in the case of living in a foreign country i.e. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you can see them mingling and adapt with ease.

3-Filipinos are renowned for being creative and resourceful along with ingenuity. Even with little to no resources they can make things work, which is an essential for every country regardless of their financial strength.

4-Filipinos are also renowned for being some of the most faithful and trustworthy people you will encounter in the world.

5-Unity in the Bayanihan spirit is one of the most appreciated traits of the Filipino community. This trait of theirs should be taken as an example for all people in the Kingdom to live in a close-knit community.

6-Filipinos are thrifty or wise in how they spend their money. This is one habit which should seriously be considered to be adopted by everybody in Saudi Arabia.

7-Filipinos are also some of the politest and courteous people in the Kingdom. Younger ones will use words such as opo or po to respect an elder one. While addressing clients or customers, they will always show humility and honor in serving them.

8-Filipinos are family oriented people, which mean that they do not indulge in vile behavior. They make great sacrifices for their families. Hence their virtue cannot be doubted.

9-Filipinos are brave people who will never back down to protect the innocent. With hero’s blood running through their veins, they always come to help of those in need.

10-Filipinos always seem to be jolly and also have a good sense of humor. The Philippines is known as a country of smiles. This is also an essential habit of a happy, peaceful and successful community.

11-Most Filipinos still observe the delicadeza. This is essentially a promise of dignity and discretion. So those who do so will never take any decision which will affect their honor and dignity.

12-Apart from being hospitable, Filipinos are also very thankful. They do not forget anybody who has helped them whether they are of Filipino or otherwise. Filipinos always show gratitude and respect.

13-It is the palabra de honor which is evident amongst the people of Filipinos. When they make any promise, they will fulfill it, even if it means undermining themselves. For the Filipinos to fulfill a promise is equal to self-fulfillment.

14-While the Philippines may not be very big or very rich either, but the hearts of the Filipino sure is. 

The Filipinos are always helpful to anybody and everybody in their times of need. Helpful is another trait of the Filipinos which should be adopted by everyone everywhere.