I watch Porm sites in KSA, any problem at the time of Final Exit?

Someone asked me this question on my blog will there be any problem at the time when he goes for the final exit as he watches porm almost on daily basis. All of us know that watching porm websites is not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

CITC has blocked almost all major porm websites in Saudi Arabia and no one can access them without VPN. We also know that Saudi Arabia tracks every IP address and takes action against those who are involved in terrorist activities or activities against Saudi Government or Islam.

We have encountered several cases where Saudi government has arrested people who made some posts on social media against Islam or Saudi government.

So it is evident that there is a third eye which tracks and filters all your activities on social media and the internet. But here a question arises; do they really track the websites you surf on the internet?

Well, I have tried to clear this concern below. Before going further, I consider it my moral responsibility to let you know that Islam prohibits watching Non-Mahram women.

It is also important to mention here that not only watching porm is banned in Saudi Arabia, but having a VPN software installed on your mobile phone is also prohibited.

If somebody with the permission to search your personal property and cell phone detects`a VPN software in your mobile, you may be jailed and deported (in the case of expatriate).

Before going to the conclusion of the question raised by our reader, I would like to mention here that we have covered the topic of watching porm in different articles on this forum.

If somebody is caught with porm content in its mobile, he can also be deported from Saudi Arabia. There were certain allegations on Saudi Religious police that they lure people with pormographic content.

In order to clarify their standing, they have made this statement in the Saudi Media. Coming back to the question asked by our reader, I would like to conclude that there will be no problem at the time of final exit if you watch porm websites as far as you are not caught by Saudi authorities.

However, it is not a good habit and I would like to request you to leave it gradually. In my previous post, I have shared 6 Effective ways for Muslims to stop watching Porm. I think it is a good guide for all those who want to get rid of watching porm.