7 Tips to avoid Car Accidents involving Camels in Saudi Arabia

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, car accidents involving camels coming on to the highways is a rather common thing.  Several residents have lost their lives due to car accidents involving camels. All of us know that generally, people have a non-serious attitude towards driving in Saudi Arabia. It is important to mention here that car accidents involving camels are not inevitable. These are a few tips to avoid getting into one yourself;[irp]

1-Surely you know the saying speed thrill but kills. This is a particularly true saying, which is often not paid heed to enough. On most highways all around the world, people can be seen speeding by on speeds which are much greater than those permitted on intercity roads or the downtown area for example. While driving at high speeds it will be nearly impossible to stop your car or avert collision if some camels come on to the highway.

2-You should obey all the traffic rules. They have been designed for your safety as well as the safety and well-being of other motorists around you. You should be keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you. If you do have to avert any camels coming on to the roads or signal the cars behind you to slow down, remember to use the hazard lights and slow down your car as much as possible.

3-Wearing your seatbelt could be the difference between life and death. It has been shown in a study that 63 of all the deaths from accidents had occurred because the people had not been wearing their seatbelt. The seatbelt is there for a reason. Especially when driving on the highway one must always wear seatbelts if in the case of a collision with the camel or an accident while trying to not hit the camel.

4-It is important to read the caution signs. In the Kingdom, there is a unique warning sign on the road which clearly shows if the area has a lot of camel activity and movement. Any sign which will resemble a camel should give you the indication to slow down and to assess the road in front of you as you carry on.

5-Use cars with anti-skid brake systems on them; the risk of collisions and skidding is greatly reduced in those cars which have this system.

6-Before taking your car on to the highway you must ensure that it is in a good condition, cars which need work done are not recommended to be taken on the highway. You should also check whether your car has air bags and where the airbags are located. Tire pressure must also be checked and kept at an optimum level in order to avoid tire bursts at high speeds, or tire bursts from braking or skidding.[irp]

7-One of the greatest reasons behind collisions, be it a collision into a camel or into a car, is dozing off or sleeping behind the wheel. If you are not attentive you will not see if anybody, animal or car has come in front of your vehicle, causing you to collide and hurt yourself. So remember to stay attentive and awake.