14 Saudi Street Food Items which you should try ASAP

The street food of Saudi Arabia is made up of several cultures and cuisines. Be it in a mall or a flea market, street food is indulged into by everyone everywhere. Here are some items from around the country;

1-Yugmish- basically leavened bread which is filled with juicy meats, which makes it very delicious.[irp]

2-Mutabaq- A dish of Yemeni origin. This is a stuffed version of the generic pancake. It is made up of thin layers of pastry which is folded around jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, eggs, mincemeat, and parsley.

3-Batatis (French Fries) – those French fries which are sold by the hawkers in the small carts is simply incomparable. This deep fried goodness is topped which a blend of different spices and ketchup or hot sauce.

4-Malabari Paratha – flakey layered flatbread which melts in your mouth. It is a common dish in the South Indian Expatriate community. Usually served with curry and/or kebab.

5-Luqaimat – doughnut like dumplings which are some of the sweetest things you will ever eat.  Crunchy outer layer and soft insides, it is a hot commodity during the month of Ramadan.

6-Kulfi – this delicious frozen dessert is a favorite of the Pakistani and Indian community living in the Kingdom. Can be found easily in any neighborhood with a majority of either community. It is made from full cream milk which is thickened and then garnished with nuts; it is heavier than ice cream.

7-Lahoh – a spongy version of the pancake which is often rare to find. A dish which is brought to the Kingdom by the large African population. This mild flavored and gently cooked soft flatbread is usually eaten with a yogurt based dish or honey.

8-Sobia – another hot commodity of Ramadan, it is a thirst quenching drink which is available in several flavors and different colors according to the flavors.

9-Falafel – falafel is perhaps the first thing which comes to mind when thinking of street food. This is a deep fried dish prepared with ground chick peas or fava beans. They can also be relished with toppings such as salads, hot sauce, and pickled vegetables and can also be used as bread stuffing. One of the most popular street foods of the Kingdom.

10-These tiny little delicacies come in the shape of dumplings which contain a meat mixture. Although it is of Asian origin, it has been tweaked according to the Saudi taste buds by using several local herbs in the meat mixture.

11-Samboosa – Samboosa comes in different fillings such as veggies, cheese, and meat. It is either fried or baked.

12-Baleela – made up of simply boiled chick peas salt and garlic. This is comfort food in the Kingdom, liked for its crunchy and soft texture.[irp]

13-Manaeesh – this is the Arabic version of Pizza, originally of Levantine origin. Often topped off with Zatar, Labneh (thyme and strained yogurt) and also minced lamb

14-Kushari – Egyptian dish made from combining rice, macaroni, tomato sauce, lentils and chickpeas amongst others.