SMS Typing Error results in a Marriage Dispute in Saudi Arabia

Two families are now deep in the grips of a fully-fledged bitter dispute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following an innocent typo or typographical error in a text message which was sent by a newlywed wife to her own husband.

The newly married wife had been hosting her sisters and mother over the weekend when she sent a seemingly innocent message to her husband. In the message, she requested him to bring dried fruits and nuts for the evening.

However, in the second message, she had wanted to remind him that she needs washing detergent to clean the dishesThis is where everything went down, as the newlywed woman was typing, Don’t Forget the Fairy Detergent in the Arabic Text, she had the auto correct option turned on, on her smartphone.

The text message after the autocorrect turned the message into, Don’t Forget, your vain man. Perhaps what the newlywed woman was truly guilty of was not checking the text message, before pressing the send button.

Her husband, who had naturally become shocked by this untimely and unexpected admonition, rushed home immediately and started quarreling with his wife.

The man truly believed that his wife had sent him that particular text message in order to ridicule him in front of her sisters and her mother and to also show them that it was her who dominated him and not the other way round.

It has been reported that the husband did not give his wife any chance to explain the real meaning of the second message which she had sent her. Instead of allowing her time to respond, he told her that she was, in fact, a vain woman herself and was the daughter of a vain father.

The chat in the image is the English translation of the reported chat between the Husband and Wife

This accusation by the husband prompted his mother in law to become part of this dispute that stepped in and accused her son in law of reprimanding his wife, her daughter after he had received what he had wanted from her.

After realizing that the argument had now descended into a full clown dispute between the man and his in-laws, the man tried to defuse the situation, to calm things down and to clear out the misunderstanding.

Despite his best efforts, the mother in law claimed that her daughter would under no circumstances stay with any man who had disrespected her father and immediately called one of her sons to pick them up and drive them home. 

Despite several tries by the husband to apologize afterward to his in-laws and to his wife, in an attempt to win back his wife, her family has completely refused to consider any of his pleas and have heavily criticized his misunderstanding of a basic typo in the text message on his mobile phone.

Online viewers and readers stated that they were not in any way shocked by how the events turned out, however, they also stated that this dispute should not last for a long time since both of the families are completely aware that it was an unfortunate misunderstanding.

Source: Gulf News