School Principal sacked for unauthorized handover of Student – Student Killed

A truly sad incident has occurred. The department of Education in Jazan has just dismissed the principal of a school, for allowing one of the students to leave the school premises with his father who had been mentally ill. The father killed the child before they reached home.  Additionally, the head prefect of the same school has also been sacked for helping the mentally ill suspect in acquiring the child and getting them out of school premises.  The department of education is however also on their way to honor the principal of another school and also the deputy principal for not allowing the same mentally ill man to take his daughter with him, which saved her life. The local media reported on the issue. [irp]

This mentally ill man had been earlier on being convicted of murdering his uncle and was only released from jail because he had managed to the pay the blood money, also known as Diyya, to the deceased’s next of kin. The man picked up his son Abdullah Al Suwaidi, who was only 10 years old, from his school after he took permission from the principal of the school. As soon as the father and son reached their home, he stabbed his own son to death. In accordance to the residents of the area, the behavior of the man had given sufficient proof that the man was indeed mentally ill. 

In accordance to the report, the mentally ill man picked up his son and then after went to a girl’s school located nearby where his daughter was studying. However, the principal of the school Laila Al Qahtani refused to give permission to him, due to the fact that she knew that he was mentally ill. Also Read: 6 Years old child dies in the School Bus due to suffocation after being left alone

The department of education is currently making arrangements to honor the principal Al Qahtani, and also her deputy principal, Fatma Fallat, for their quick thinking and wise decision which directly saved the life of the young student. Indeed, the heart aches when we hear of a young one being taken from this world, that too under such brutal circumstances. In times of heartache, we tend to find someone to blame, so that we may vent. In this case, it is clear that the principal of the boy’s school is at fault, as well as the next of command at school.[irp]

If indeed the principal and the other staff did not know about the mental health of the father, then we cannot truly put the blame on them. However, if the staff and the principal even had the slightest hint, then they are sure to blame for the death of the young child. This only serves as a warning to all other schools, their staff, their administration and the principals.  Mental health is an issue which has been dealt as a taboo for far too long, instead of owning up and getting yourself checked, mental illness is kept hidden until it deteriorates beyond repair and then it is too late isn’t it?

Source: Arab News