Procedure to Apply for Etikaaf in Masjid al Nabawi (Madina)

Muslims perform Etikaaf during the last 10 days of Ramadan due to its religious importance. It is a dream of each and every Muslim to perform Etikaaf in Masjid al Nabawi (Madina). During Etikaaf, they are not allowed to go out of the mosque without very important needs like going to washrooms and having meals. Do you know it is illegal to perform Etikaaf in Masjid al Nabawi without permission? Today, I am going to share with you the Procedure to Apply for Etikaaf in Masjid al Nabawi. Also Read: 6 Points Complete Guide to Perform Etikaaf in Masjid al Haram (Makkah)

Open this website and enter your Iqama number or Passport number in the designated area. If you are a resident in Saudi Arabia, you need to enter Iqama number and Umrah pilgrims have to enter Passport number. Read the instructions carefully. We have also explained these instructions in the below paragraphs.


In the next page, you will have to enter your Full Name, Nationality, Gender, Phone Number in Saudi Arabia and email address. You can see help from the attached screenshot.

In the next page, you would be required to print the Etikaaf request form. Only three gates are designated for the people who are planning to perform Etikaaf this year. They can enter the Western Gate # 11, Northern Gate # 18, and Eastern Gate # 32.

Please ensure that you print out this form and bring it with you so that it may be shown to Masjid personnel upon request. When you have completed your i'tikaf, please submit this form to Masjid personnel found at any of the designated i'tikaf gates of Al Masjid Al Nabawi.[irp]

Guidelines to Perform Etikaaf in Masjid al Nabawi (Madina)

1-Maintain cleanliness of Al Masjid Al Nabawi at all times

2-Be careful not to disturb worshippers

3-Conclude Etikaaf at sunset, immediately following the last day of Ramadan

4-Bring only one pillow and/or bed sheet

5-Only perform I'tikaf in the designated Etikaaf areas of the masjid

6-Please do not hang clothes on the mushaf shelves, Masjid walls, or water coolers

7-Do not place personal belongings on top of AC vents, on shoe racks, or in designated prayer areas

8-Do not sleep or sit in designated prayer areas during the night prayer (tahajjud)

9-Remember to follow all instructions given by authorized personnel of Masjid Al Nabawi