SR 100,000 Fine, 6 months Jail & Deportation if Illegal Housemaid is caught from your Home

The Jawazat or General Directorate of Passports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just issued a warning on Monday which stated that all those who either give shelter or hire any runaway housemaids can and will be penalized with a jail term of up to six months and also a maximum monetary fine of SAR 100,000. Any expatriates involved in these acts will also be deported. These fines for the violators will be multiplied by the total number of a runaway or illegal domestic workers that are involved in the violation of the law, despite being given warnings numerous times.[irp]

The directorate has also stated that the penalties will also be imposed upon all those individuals or groups that are involved in providing any sort of illegal residents in the form of giving them transportation, shelter, employment, cover up etc. Any firms that are involved in these sorts of illegal acts will also have to face penalties as well. These penalties will be including a monetary fine of SAR 100,000 in addition to a five-year ban on recruitment, naming and shaming and also a jail term of six years for the manager of the firm. If the manager happens to be an expatriate, then they will also be deported after serving the sentence.

The Jawazat authorities have urged all of the citizens and the expatriates to inform them about any and all illegal residents in order to avoid facing any sort of penal actions against them. Any employer can report runaway workers through Abshir to the Ministry or can contact them on the phone on 989. In related news, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development has issued a stern warning to all those who are failing in implementing the Saudization regulation in the mobile phone maintenance and sales shops. These shops will be fined a monetary sum of SAR 20,000 for each foreign worker employed.

The spokesman for the ministry of Labor and Social Development, Khaled Abal Khail, has issued this warning as the implementation of 50 percent Saudization in the mobile shop's deadline is ending within a week’s time. He stated that there will be no sort of leniency in taking any sort of legal actions against all those who are violating the new regulations as of the first of Ramadan (6th of June) Abal Khalil has also urged all of the owners of mobile shops to be in complete compliance with the directive of Saudization which has been issued by the Labor Minister, Mufarrej Al Haqabani. The Minister has issued orders for total Saudization of all maintenance shops and outlets of mobile phones and accessories before the third of September.[irp]

All of the mobile maintenance and sales shops have to replace half of their workers with Saudi national men and women starting from the 1st of Ramadan. The spokesman has also urged the citizens to inform the authorities about any sort of violation through the customer service number 19911 or they can also send a message to the link

Source: Arab News