Illegal Home Based Expat Beauticians will face Jail and Deportation

Saudi Arabia is home to one of the largest expatriate workforces in the world, and with so many expatriates there are bound to be a few illegal ones too. The Ministry of Labor has just announced that it is coordinating with the relevant authorities and bodies to find those expatriate women who are working as independent beauticians. The Ministry of Labor has stated that they will be penalizing these women with jail time, hefty fines and also deportation. In accordance to an official at the Ministry of Labor, who had spoken to a local newspaper, the Ministry of Labor is seeking the involvement of the Saudi women in the form of organized labor market which is free of unfair competition.[irp]

Therefore, he has called upon all citizens not to deal with any of the illegal labor, which is putting pressure on the local Saudi workers.  An expert at a Riyadh center to develop medium and small businesses, Jawahar Abdul Rahman Al Aqil, has stated that a study has just been completed in regard to the entire sector as well as the problems faced by it. The study also contains several different possible solutions to these problems. She also stated that the ministry of Labor could start by monitoring rest houses and wedding halls and also can direct them to prevent the entry of any irregular or illegal workers.

The businesswomen have stated that there are several violations of the labor and residency laws by those people who are working as hairdressers. These individuals have therefore taken business away from the Saudi women who are working as hairdressers. A businesswoman stated that the owners of beauty salon have several commitments in terms of the government fees, leases, and foreigners, however those who work as hairdressers do not have to abide by any of the obligations, which simply means that they make no contribution towards the economy of the Kingdom.

Rima, an owner of a beauty salon, stated that the hairdressers usually ask for huge sums of money, ranging up to SAR 3000 for both makeup and hair. Some of them exploit brides especially by asking for sums as much as SAR 14000. She also stated that these hairdressers are also lacking in health certificates which are a very dangerous health hazard and risk. Another salon owner, Hind Al Rashed, laid emphasis on the importance upon setting up a hotline to report any hairdressers who are operating in violation of the labor laws of the Kingdom. She also added that there was a huge need for the society to be promptly informed about the real dangers, risks, and hazards which can come about when dealing with violators.[irp]

She has also called for all such illegal workers to be penalized and also called upon a mandatory requirement at all hotels and wedding halls not to admit any and all beauticians unless they have a license and valid certificate of health. The spokesman for the Riyadh Police, Colonel Fawaz Jamil Al Maiman has however stated that the police department has nothing to do with the independent hairdressers.

Source: Arab News