He realized it when his wife passed away – His message to all Husbands

The page Humans of New York started a trend which took over the entire world. The concept was to share pictures of everyday humans and any story that they wanted to share. Humans of Pakistan is a similar page on Facebook which is documenting stories of ordinary Pakistanis and their pictures too. 

1 elderly man, whose story was shared on this Facebook page, shared his very own personal story of how his wife who spent 27 years with him passed away. The elderly man also parted with some essential words of advice to all of the husbands around the globe.[irp]

“Our marriage had lasted for 27 years and 2 months exactly. She was ill. Her gynecologist was doing her best to save her. But her time had come. I had not realized this while we were still together, however, my whole world fell apart after she passed away.

Spouses do have arguments and fights every other day. I have personally witnessed the majority of men from amongst my relatives usually mistreat their own wives. However, I didn’t, because I loved her so much! 

Though I am alone now, I know that my wife and I will be together in the hereafter. I sincerely hope that I had kept her happy and that she was happy with me, wherever she may be. I tried my very best to treat her in the best way possible. I feel very lonely without her.

Those men who are reading this, I advise you to treat your wives well. Till she is gone you really do not know how dependent you are on her, and how great you will miss her when she is gone. You should make her feel like a queen while you still can.”

These days where some men prefer to treat their wives as housemaids and a nanny, who raises their children and does the housework, it is refreshing to read about this elderly man and the values that have been instilled in him. 

Though I do not say that all men mistreat their wives, men should realize that in a highly patriarchal society, we often tend to undermine the efforts of a wife and a mother. Men should be treating their wives like a queen just like this elderly gentleman said because if you treat her like a queen, she will make you feel like a king.

Neither our religion nor humanity has given us any right to mistreat women. It has been said in the Holy Quran that the men are protectors and caretakers of their families. If the wife is feeding the children, she can very well ask her husband to pay her a pocket money for the task of raising their child or children.

So on what ground do men believe that they are somehow superior to women and can mistreat them in any way? Men don’t have any right.