Saudi Woman pays for all the bills of Husband’s 2nd Marriage

A woman has taken to the courts in order to sue her husband for financially exploiting her and is now demanding a complete compensation for all the physical abuse and emotional distress which she has endured.

The woman had been married to this man for the last 2 years. The woman stated that ever since the start of their marriage, the husband had kept asking her for money.

She said she was forced to pay her husband a sum of SAR 3,000 every month, and still, the husband would make up different excuses in order to extort some more money from her.

Her husband would always tell her that he had debts which needed to be paid off, or would often ask her for money for rent of their apartment. She added that he also once asked her to give her SAR 200,000 however she refused to pay him the amount.

He then told her that the huge sum of money was for a loan he had taken out and if the man was not paid off at the time, he would end up facing jail time.

She remained adamant however and this caused her husband to start physically assaulting her and also threatened her with consequences if she did not pay him the amount. 

In the end, she gave him the money, only to later find out that he had taken the money in order to wed another woman and to pay for her dowry. When she confronted her husband and asked him to divorce his second wife, he refused.

The woman stated that her husband did not leave her any other choice, causing her to go to the Personal Status Court and also file for khula. In the case of Khula, the wife is required to pay him the dowry back.

However, she feels that she is not required to do so because he had been financially exploited by him.  When she presented her claims to the court, her husband blatantly denied all of the allegations put upon him.

He stated that the woman was simply being jealous of his second wife. The court referred the case on to the reconciliation committee which explained to her husband that financial exploitation was unacceptable.

However, he still refused to divorce her and she was adamant about getting khula. She stated that the judge finally allowed her a divorce, without forcing her husband to pay back the dowry or any of the other expenses bore by her.

Consultant and lawyer Asim Al Mullah has stated that the number of Khula cases has increased over the last year. Around 40 percent of the family cases end up with Khula.

He also added that there are several valid reasons behind Khula such as if the husband does not pray if the husband acts in an immoral or unethical manner or if the husband is a drug addict.

Source: Saudi Gazette