The Philippines – A New Halal Holidays spot for Muslim tourists

The nation of Philippines has been bolstering several plans which will position the nation as one of the most preferred tourist destinations around the world for the Muslim tourists. This new decision was revealed by the Tourism Board of Philippines on Wednesday. There are a series of initiatives which have been unveiled as a part of a major drive which is aimed at creating long term infrastructure all across the country and to diversify the arrival of the visitors by attracting a larger volume of Muslim visitors. The Philippines tourism board aims to attract the Muslim population from the Middle Eastern region as well as its neighboring Asian region. This statement was made by Crescent Rating which is an authority on tourism and halal travel.[irp]

The tourism board of Philippines has currently partnered up with the Crescent Rating in order to help them launch a destination marketing campaign of sorts. The travel market for Muslims is being readily recognized as an essential factor to the growth of the tourism sector which is estimated to be worth an astonishing $ 200 billion by the year 2020. The close proximity of the Philippines to a large chunk of Muslim population located in Indonesia and Malaysia, coupled over with the rich diversity and culture of the Philippines makes the country a very attractive destination for those tourists who are vacationing with their families and are eager to explore one of the unique regions in Asia.

It is reported that the Philippines are already receiving around 566,000 visitors from the Asian and Middle Eastern region. Unexpectedly the Philippines also receive a lot of visitors from India as well as Israel. This will be forming the base of our market which will be extended the complete halal services. The matter of Halal is not only a religious issue, but rather the concern of our nation. This statement was made by the Secretary of the Tourism Department Ramon R. Jimenez Jr.

Hence the speedy growth in the development of this new halal industry must be for an economic purpose rather than cultural. Improving upon the Halal industry in the country will not only greatly advance the lives of Muslims living in the Philippines, it will attract more tourists which will definitely help to boost the growth of the economy of Philippines.

Tourism Philippines has stated that the new drive is aimed to attract the Muslim tourists which will form a key strand of this long term strategy aimed at strengthening the growth of the halal tourism industry and subsequently the economy. The initial concern will be on developing the services in places such as Manila, Boracay, Cebu, and Davao.[irp]

The Philippines is a country located in the South Eastern region of Asia and the nation comprises of upwards of 7000 islands, which offer a unique traveling experience of history as well as beauty. Fazal Bahardeen, the CEO of Crescent Rating stated that he is delighted that they entered into this partnership with the tourism board of Philippines.

Source: Al Arabiya