Girl who was muted for 5 years, recovered her voice at King Abdullah Medical City

There are some things in life which we all take for granted. Whether it be our ability to see, to hear or to speak, those of us blessed to have all these things never really consider what it is like to be without these blessings.  Imagine yourself without a voice, without having the basic communication tool which we take for granted, which we use to relay ideas, thoughts, directions, advice and every other thing. Imagine not being able to communicate with others like you used to, imagine losing your voice for more than five years. The story we will tell you next is a courageous young girl who went through exactly that and fought through it bravely and heartily and finally emerged victorious, with the help of medical professionals.[irp]

After over five years of silence, a young teenage girl has gotten her voice back. This incident occurred at the King Abdullah Medical City. A large number of doctors had also checked up on the young teenage girl and had told her that she would not be getting her lost voice back. The teenage girl who did not want to have her name revealed, stated that the story behind the loss of her voice goes back to 2011 when she got influenza. She stated that she could not believe that this seemingly ordinary illness would cause her to lose her voice. The miracle girl stated that she had visited a huge number of clinics and hospitals in Madinah, Makkah, and Jeddah. However, all of her efforts bore no fruit. After her efforts, she was shifted to the King Abdullah Medical City as she was feeling pain in her ears.

A consultant of speech medicine, Dr. Ali Abul Oyoon stated that the girl had been referred to the voice and speech clinic. It is over there that it was detected that she had lost her voice for no reason at all. After the discovery, efforts were immediately started to make her voice return. Numerous speech therapy sessions were conducted for four hours and other innovative methods were also used during these sessions.

The head of the ENT (Ear Nose Throat) department and consultant, Dr. Osama Mirghalani stated that the facility is equipped with highly skilled medical professionals who deliver the best available medical services and diagnoses of the best quality. The executive director general of King Abdullah Medical City, Abdullah Ghabbashi, was beaming with confidence at the achievement made there.[irp]

Returning the voice of the girl after more than five years has proved that the medical services provided by us are developing and improving with the effort of the best medical professionals available and also the immense support given to them by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman of Saudi Arabia. It brings us great joy to hear that the young girl is now speaking normally.

Source: Arab News