Eritrean Men to marry at least 2 wives or ready to go to Jail – Eritrean Government

Marriage is a tricky situation, some men may have more than 1 wife and be content, some men may have 1 and be content, and some may have none and still be content. Well, gentlemen though we may all feel differently about the subject of marriage, there is something which is absolutely certain, it is not every day that you get to have an official order by your government to be married to at least 2 women OR face jail time. I think that’s a clear choice for me, no confusion there. Men in Eritrea are being legally ordered to wed more than one wife. Yes, yes you read that correctly, any man of Eritrean origin living in Eritrea who does not adhere to this new rule will be certainly facing jail time.[irp]

The government of Eritrea has according to reports ordered the men in Eritrea to wed AT LEAST two wives. This new order is supposedly coming in after the severe shortfall of men which was caused by the huge number of deaths which occurred during the gruesome civil war fought with Ethiopia. In the official statement which had been written in the Arabic language, the government of Eritrea had given the assurance to all male prospects that they would take on the financial support for all those who engage in polygamous marriages.

Below we will post a translation of the original statement issued by the Eritrean Government; “Based upon the Law of God in Polygamy, and also given these circumstances during which our country experiences a shortage in terms of men, the religious affairs department of Eritrea has decided upon the following = “Firstly every man shall wed at least two women, any man who refuses will be subjected to imprisonment and also hard labor during imprisonment.”

“Secondly any woman who tries in any way to obstruct, prevent or delay her husband from marrying a 2nd wife will be liable to face life imprisonment” During May of 1998 to June of 2000, the Eritrean and Ethiopian war took the lives of over 150,000 soldiers from both sides; however, the greatest impact was felt by the male population of the minuscule Eritrean nation, who was at the time a nation of only a million people.

In January of this year, the Eritrean authorities claimed that this news or statement was clearly a hoax as the laws of Eritrea condemn and prohibit bigamy. The authorities added that the male and female population of Eritrea was at par ratio or close by, and were quite contrary to the picture painted of the male population by the previous report.[irp]

This supposed hoax news was first published on the Kenyan news site named Crazy Monday. An Official of the Eritrean government spoke to the BBC about this supposed hoax news and stated that even a madman in the capital of Eritrea, Asmara, would have known that this story was not at all true.