Students are not allowed to make videos of their teachers

Recently there are so many cases reported where student captured videos of their teachers while punishing them and uploaded on social media. They uploaded such videos on social media even without letting concerned authorities know the real cause of the brutal punishment of teachers. Saudi education ministry has declared it as a crime to upload such videos on social media and students who will commit such act of negligence will be punished by the ministry. Students are liable to reasonable punishment if they commit something unreasonable or don’t follow teachers’ instruction. Only in case teachers use brutal ways of punishing students, they are accountable for this act. But still, it is not the right way to publish such punishments openly on social media. An educational institution has its privacy requirements which should not be impaired in any case.[irp]

If students have some serious grudges or concerns regarding the brutal or unreasonable behavior of their teachers, they should talk to the higher management of their educational institution instead of uploading private videos on social media. For this reason, Mobiles phones are considered as a hurdle in smooth functioning of teachers in education institutes these days. The intention of people is just clear from this act of socializing privacy of classrooms that they are not interested in the safe solution of class room issues. They seem more interested in defaming teachers. Arab Lawyers Union (ALU) has declared it an open violation of the law and strict action has been announced for such people.

The concerned authority for any of such issue is a headmaster or headmistress. If a teacher acts in a brutal way or students feel that they are being violated in the name of educational punishments, they should consult with higher authorities. At the first instance making any of such video is totally illegal, but if they have captured it due to any reason, they should share it with the head of the supervisory body. Posting any such video clip on social media will be taken as an intention to defame the reputation of a teacher or educational institution and will be punishable by law.

At the first instance, students are not allowed to take phones to school. If they are taking mobile phones with them in class, first of all, they are committing the violation of school laws. And further, when they capture such videos in classrooms and post them on social media, they further violate the law. Due to these multiple violations of education laws, students can be punished with severe punishments including suspension from school for several days or even for good.[irp]

Parents also have to play an important role in steering their children regarding respect of teacher and educational institutions. They should build such relationship with their kids that they share such violating things with them instead of posting them on social media. If parents talk to the supervisory body of an educational institution regarding concerns of their children regarding teaching methods and attitude of teachers, majority issues can be resolved easily.

Source: Arab News