“Anz wa lo tarat” It’s a goat, even if it flies – Arab Proverb

“Anz wa lo tarat” (“it’s a goat, even if it flies”) is a proverb very common in Arab. The story behind this proverb is really interesting. It is said one day two men were walking on the road while talking. Meanwhile one of them saw a creature at some distance and they started making guesses regarding it. One said it seems a crowd but the other one denied and said no it is a goat for sure. They kept on moving, when they got nearer, they examined the color of the creature which was black. The first person again mentioned that it might be a crow. But the second man insisted even if it is black, it is a goat. Moving on nearer to the creature they discovered that it had wings too. The second person again argued that these are not wings instead hairs of a goat. When they reached the nearest point, they saw it as a crow.[irp]

The first person made him realize that the creature skips like a bird; again he took the stance that might be the creature has a broken foot which has led to its skipping. Hence despite all signs which clearly indicated that it can never be a cow, the second person stick to the point that it was a cow at any cost. Eventually, the creature flew away and it became clear that it was a crow; the second person still totally rejected this fact and said I don’t believe this it is a goat even if it flies.

The story presents the stubborn attitude of a person who never considers the valid arguments and tries to impose his own opinion. Apparently, it sounds an exaggerated story but those who have encountered such situation in real life can easily understand its authenticity. It states accurately for people who love to yell at others and try to show off their caliber and intellectual level.

Arab culture has been famous for courtesy and good norms. Arab following traditions of their ancestor’s value personality differences and don’t use insulting ways to dishonor view point of their fellow members or peers. In this culture, if you find someone who loves to yell on other and wants to impose his own point of view on others, you will definitely recall this proverb “Anz wa lo tarat”.

However, it has become a common factor these days that people love to feel superior by insulting others and their school of thought. Superiority complex has become the common ethical dilemma these days. People fell dominated when they impose their opinion on others. It is not only in the case of a discussion between two people, it has become a common practice at school, workplaces and in society overall.[irp]

The beauty of argument lies in respecting each other’s point of view and ideologies. People even deny climate changes regardless of when it is clearly evident in the sky. This attitude to suppress others is not healthy and should be avoided at any cost.

Source: Arab News