SR 50,000 cost for legally hiring a housemaid during the month of Ramadan

Despite several repeated warnings issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the “black market” for the housemaids in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has once again flourished, just in time for the due arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

Makkah daily, a daily news source in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has quoted the director of a recruitment office located in Jeddah and wrote that the average cost of transferring any housemaid from their original sponsor on to a new employer or sponsor has now reached quite high.

He estimates that this transfer could cost around SAR 50,000  and their salary for 1 month would be around about SAR 6,000 during the month of Ramadan.

Abdullah Al Nashmi had noted that the various social media platforms on the internet are filled with addresses of those illegal brokers who can provide the families living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with housemaids for the holy month of Ramadan, despite there being a ban on such activities.

The demand amongst the families residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia grows exponentially during the Holy month of Ramadan due to the fact that there are substantially more chores around the house, social events, and guests.

Al Nashmi stated that there are a growing number of messages coming to users of the WhatsApp messaging service which are blatantly and openly offering services to provide housemaids to the Saudi families during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Al Nashmi strongly believes that the extreme price hike of the housemaids has become a common occurrence during this time of the year with the Holy month of Ramadan approaching.

However, Al Nashmi has also come forward to warn all of the families in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against falling prey to any messages of such nature as more often than not, they tend to be fake and a scam to just take the money from the families.

Al Nashmi added that these brokers who are advertising their services on such messaging services and social media platforms are only concerned with embezzling money from the families living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also stated that the families in Saudi Arabia should be extremely vigilant and not fall prey to these con artists. 

The chairman of the recruitment committee at the JCCI or Jeddah Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Yahya Al Maqbool has also warned all the brokers who are trying to operate such scams in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that they will be charged with the crime of human trafficking due to which they would be facing severe punishment.

Chairman Al Maqbool has accredited this occurrence to the numerous hurdles found prior to recruitment from any other country that would earlier on send the domestic workers from their country to the Kingdom, and also to the large inability of the recruitment offices in the Kingdom to provide a housemaid at a short notice.

These reasons are in addition to flight booking, flight delay, and procrastination of the exporting country.

Source: Saudi Gazette