Expats’ Dependents can work in Beauty Parlors without Transfer of Sponsorship

All the female dependents of the expatriate workers living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can now gain employment in the beauty salon for women. This statement was made by the Saudi Minister for Labor and Social Development, Mr. Mufarejj Al Haqabani. This new decision by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development will greatly hold in reducing the total number of visas in this business sector. Labor Minister Haqabani made this statement during his meeting with several Saudi business leaders in the city of Makkah. The meeting had been formally organized by the MCCI or the Makkah Chambers of Commerce and Industry, earlier this week. Labor Minister Haqabani also stated that the market for beauty salons is a huge one and the field of work is also open to all of the Saudi national women.[irp]

In the year 2014, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development had decided to permit all dependents who are accompanying the expatriates, to gain employment in the private sector without having to need to transfer their residency permit or Iqama. Earlier on this rule or law had been limited to only teaching jobs at the international and private schools located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Now, however, any establishment or company that wishes to employ the dependents of any expatriates must be in the green zone of the Nitaqat, be eligible for the recruitment and they must also have the prior consent of the main expatriate who is currently sponsoring the dependent seeking employment in their organization or establishment.

The dependent trying to gain employment in any organization or establishment must also be in possession of a valid Iqama, they must be under the age of 60, have no other sort of work contract with any of the other organizations or establishments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and finally they must be completely qualified for the employment opportunity if there are no candidates present of Saudi nationality.

This move is an excellent move by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. By allowing the dependents of the expatriates working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to gain their own employment opportunity and then widening the scope or options available to them, the dependents can now gain employment in the Kingdom without having another work visa or Iqama issued under the name of the dependent and has allowed the expatriates to bear less financial burden or strain as now their dependents will be earning their own money.[irp]

In short, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development have allowed an opportunity for all expatriate families collectively to earn more, spend more and save more. It must be noted however that in lieu of the strong Saudization campaign being run by the Saudi government in a bid to eradicate unemployment amongst the local Saudi population, the locals are given preference to the jobs if they apply alongside any expatriate or dependent of an expatriate, as stated by the Minister of Labor, Haqabani, himself.

Source: Saudi Gazette