HAIA men (Mutawwas) face penalties for hitting citizen

A recent picture went viral on the internet in which a citizen was shown with broken nose and Jaw. It was reported that HAIA members assaulted him and beaten in a brutal way. The investigation of the matter started after the incident was reported when the picture of bloodied man went viral on the internet. The investigation committee was appointed by HAIA high management commission i.e. Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (HAIA). The report of the commission depicted the wrongful act of HAIA members by assaulting the innocent citizen at a mall in Riyadh.[irp]

After two weeks of detailed investigation, the committee resolved that HAIA members were at fault for at hitting the citizen and are liable to punishment. As a penalty, the committee recommended that the head and secretary of HAIA should be removed from their designations. It is pronounced that the head of the branch has to be demoted to an ordinary position in the branch and the secretary should be removed from his designation to any low position in organization offices of HAIA in Riyadh. The committee added the comment that it is the prime responsibility of HAIA to take care of rights of citizens and to maintain peace in the city. The other three members of HAIA involved in the matter would be appointed as administrative workers outside the province in other branches.

The investigation committee took all measures to ensure that the HAIA members were involved in the matter in a wrongful way are punished. The committee visited the place in the mall where the incident had happened. After checking recordings of surveillance cameras and talking to eye witnesses, it has been resolved that HAIA members tortured citizen without any logical ground. The victim had committed the violation of the law and HAIA members warned him but still, he did not follow the instructions. He was liable for arrest but the physical assault done by HAIA members was unjustified.

The first violation of authority done by HAIA members that they took the young man to Commission's office instead of calling the police to arrest him. They also checked the mobile phone of a young man when they were not entitled to do so as per their authority. The third offense committed by the HAIA members was overpowered as they had beaten the man after he had been arrested. The guilty HAIA members had also disobeyed the instructions of their office who asked them to release the young man or hand him over to police.[irp]

The brother of the victim told media that HAIA members asked for the identity card from the victim in a mall of Riyadh. When he told them that he has no ID card with him at that time, they took him to the commissioner’s office and asked for personal identity number of his mobile phone. When he refused to comply the instructions, the member called other 4 members and started beating him and assaulted him in a brutal way.

Source: Arab News