Procedure to Apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

You need exit re-entry or final exit visa to travel back to your country if you are an Iqama holder in Saudi Arabia. There are two types of exit re-entry visa available for expatriates living in Saudi Arabia namely single exit re-entry visa and multiple exit re-entry visas. Single exit re-entry visa allows you to travel out and coming back to Saudi Arabia only once. Once you have made this visit, single exit re-entry visa expires. We have already explained in one article the procedure to apply for single exit re-entry visa. However, on the other hand, multiple exit re-entry visa allows you to go out and enter back to Saudi Arabia as many times as you want within the validity of the multiple exit re-entry visa. Here in this article, I will be providing in detail the procedure to apply for multiple exit re-entry visas for your dependents online. If due to any reason the online system does not work, you can apply for multiple exit re-entry visa through the manual system. Recommended: Apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa through Istiqdam

In order to apply for multiple exit re-entry visa online, you must have an MOI account or Abshir account. If you don’t have MOI account, follow this link to register yourself for it. Recommended: Register for Abshir (MOI) Services

If you already have an account with MOI, please log in to your account. The procedure to log in to your MOI account has been changed a little bit. Follow this link to check the updated procedure. Recommended:   Process to Login to Abshir (MOI) Account

Make sure you have paid the fee to apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa. The fee to apply for multiple exit re-entry visa is SR 500 for 3 months and SR 200 for each additional month. Recommended: Payment of Fee for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa

After logging in to your account when new screen opens up, you need to click on “My Dashboard” and after that locate for dependents tab. Click on “More Details” button in the dependents tab.[irp]

A new screen will open where you need to look for the dependent whose multiple exit re-entry visa is to be issued. Click on “More Details” and a drop down information tab will appear on your screen containing details of the dependent. Click on “Issue Visa” button as shown in the screenshot.

A new screen will appear containing terms and conditions of the exit re-entry visa. You need to agree to the terms and conditions stated here. We have explained these terms below;

  • Visa holder will have to travel within 3 months of issuing the visa. If he does not travel, a fine will be imposed. So, if your program of going abroad is changed, you should cancel your exit re-entry visa. There is no charge of canceling exit re-entry visa. However, if you don’t cancel it within the validity of the visa, a fine of SR 1,000 is imposed.
  • If your family member has renewed the passport, new passport details would not be appearing on the MOI website. In such case, you need to contact Mandoob of your company to do “Naqal Maloomat” (Information Transfer)
  • If a mother has some children under her passport, all the children will also have to travel.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 3 months at the time of applying for exit re-entry visa.

In the next screen, there will be two options “Single” and “Multiple”. You need to select “Multiple” option there. Multiple exit re-entry visa is issued for 180 days only. You cannot reduce or increase its tenure. In the next page, System will just ask for your confirmation.

Although it is not required to print visa since no one on the Saudi airports demand it. But you should take a hard copy along with passport. If you don’t carry the hard copy, you may have to face some problems while coming back from your country. Immigration officers in your country may ask for the hard copy. However, you can check the status of exit re-entry visa online and show it to immigration officer if you have internet access on your mobile phone. Recommended: Check Status of Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

  • Mary Ramley

    Dear Steve,
    Is it allowed to transfer my exit reentry visa to a different passport (of a different country)? I’m Indonesian (using Indonesian passport in ksa) by my father and I need to use my American passport, so is it possible? Can I stay in Saudi Arabia on a different passport?

    Also, can I leave Saudi Arabia on an American passport and enter back with my Indonesian passport with the saudi visa?

  • I do not think you can do so. You need to use one passport which is registered with MOI. But I do not understand why do you want to enter on a different passport to Saudi Arabia?

  • Eashwar

    Dear Sir, Steve, All,

    I have an Opportunity to work in Saudi and my Medicals have been cleared however, I had TB in the past and healed completely and no scars on Lungs

    Would there be an issue while Issuing Iqama? I understand there is another medical due during Iqama issuing in Saudi

    Many thanks in advance for answering it

  • Michael

    Dear Steve and friends,

    I have three family members on my iqama. Their iqama expires in about 4.5 months. I can’t get them a multiple exit/re-entry visa online through Absher, since you can only do so at least 180+90=270 days (9 months!!!) prior to dependents’ iqama expiry date. It also seems to me that through the online system, you can’t provide multiple exit/re-entry to your dependents for the last 3 months of their iqama validity period. This is a problem for us, and I wonder what we could do about it? There must be a way to get your dependents a multiple exit/re-entry even if there is less than 270 days left of their iqama validity period, and to provide multi exit/re-entries for the last 3 months, I assume?

    Thank you very much and God bless you all.

  • Why don’t you apply for single exit re-entry visa or try for multiple exit re-entry manually?

  • Michael

    thanks for you answer, steve

    we travel frequently so a single one would not be suitable. i personally would not want to visit any jawazat offices anytime at all. but here is the good news for everybody: my employer could issue multiple exit/re-entries for all my dependents without any issues or restrictions. so it is simply a restriction in the absher system. of course, the fees had to be paid by myself

    good that we got it done a few days ago, as it seems the government of the ksa have just hiked exit/re-entry fees for expats by sometimes as much as 100%!!! now you will pay 500 riyals for a ***3-month*** multiple exit/re-entry, according to arab news. that’s doubling an already high fee that entails no particular service provided by the charger whatsoever. would this be what they mean by “diversifying the economy”? ripping expats off EVEN MORE? now if you want to provide multi exit/re-entries for the entire year, that will cost you 4×500=2000 riyals per year per dependent (4 times 3 months is 12 months). outrageous!!!


  • Considering the fact that you do not have to pay any tax in Saudi Arabia, I do not think $600 per dependent is a big deal for exit re-entry

  • yasser shoeb

    Hello friends,

    I currently work in saudi on a business visit visa (multiple exit-entry) . I stay in Kingdom for three months and go back to my home country to get a new visa. My wife has an Iqama from her father who is also working in saudi arabia . Can i bring my wife and stay together? I have a business visit visa whereas my wife has an Iqama (from her father)??

  • Michael

    with due respect but i disagree with you on this particular point

    tax is a fair system because everybody gets taxed PROPORTIONATELY

    this fee hike will hit low and middle income families hard to the extent of some of them deciding not to pay for visas at all except when it’s inevitable while for high income families it won’t make a difference

    therefore considering that an exit/re-entry is not just a leisure facility but often a necessity i do think it is a big deal because it represents a disproportionate sharing of financial burden on employees, while a just tax system does just the opposite: it spreads the burden evenly

    maybe the very aim of the exercise is to drive out low and middle income expatriates and replace them with saudis who do not need to pay for exit/re-entry visas, while they know that it would be impossible to replace high income specialists and experts with saudis



    The validity of multiple exit reentry visa is 180 days from first exit date. I got multiple exit reentry visa in 18th May 2016. I went on first exit to Bahrain on 12th August 2016 and came back to Saudi on the same day. My multiple exit re-entry visa should be valid for 180 days starting from 12th August 2016 i.e. up to first week of February 2017. But it is showing expired on 11th November 2016. What should I do?


  • Michael


    I’m facing a puzzling situation. I am trying to issue multi exit/re-entries for my dependents on Absher. Their previous multi exit/re-entries expired about a week ago. If I check their exit/re-entry visa status on, it clearly shows their visa expired. But when I go to Absher, it shows the same expiry date for my dependents, but it still looks as if their visa was valid! So there is a “Cancel visa’ and a ‘Print visa’ button. Absher should show that they have no visa, and give me an option to ‘Issue visa’. This is bizarre. What’s happening? Anyone been in this situation?

  • Brijesh

    Simply click on “cancel visa” thru Absher for your dependent and then the button for “Issue visa” will appear.
    Hope this will help.

  • Michael

    Clicking on ‘Cancel visa’ did nothing, unfortunately.

    Anyways, I asked my employer to take care of it, and they fixed the glitch very quickly through Muqeem. It had to do something with the fact that it was them who issued the exit/re-entry visas for my family members through Muqeem, and because of that, I could not cancel their visa through Absheer – even if the visas had already expired!

    So be aware that if your employer issues multiple exit/re-entry visas for your dependents through Muqeem, you may not be able to manipulate those visas through Absheer, and you may not even be able to issue new visas through Absheer even after the old visas expire. So only ask your employer to issue multiple exit/re-entry visas for your dependents through Muqeem in special cases (which ours was). Once your employer issues multiple exit/re-entry visas for your dependents through Muqeem, you basically lose control over the exit/re-entry visas for your dependents, and only your employer will be able to fix the problem on Muqeem.

    If you get into this situation, it is very important to tell your employer ONLY to cancel the visas and NOT to issue new visas on Muqeem. If they issue new visas, the problem will be perpetuated. So ask them to cancel the visas, and you go ahead and issue the new visas on Absheer, and thus you can regain control over your dependents’ exit/re-entry visas.

  • Thilina Rajinda

    If visit visa dependent holding “Multiple entry” visa for 365 days while Duration of stay are 90 Days, means dependent must go exit every 90 days?

  • Thilina Rajinda

    Hey, I could able to renew my dependant visa for another 90 days with 100sr charges only.