1 Year Jail for running a fake account with female name

Cybercrime or the crime made with the use of a computer is that crime which involves a computer and a network. In the broad term, we can say that those types of offenses made against individual or groups with the motive of crime or to harm them intentionally which cause physical, mental harm or loss or causes harm to the reputation or personality directly or indirectly by using the modern telecom technologies such as chat rooms, MMS, SMS or emails etc. Nowadays, such crimes have become a threat to even nations. As these issues surround hacking, copyrights violence, teen pornography, child grooming or even bigger like national security threats. Also, the problem occurs when privacy is leaked or when confidential information is leaked, disclosed or intercepted.[irp]

Measures have been taken all around the globe to tackle such crimes. Almost all countries of the world have a law against such crimes and the legal system tries to protect their citizens against frauds or theft using these new technologies. Even the International Legal System is also taking measures to hold these criminals through the ICC (International Criminal Court). Countries like USA, France, and the UK have separate Cyber Crime laws and institutions to cope with such illegal activities.  Even Asian countries and the Middle Eastern countries also have laws against cyber crimes.

Social Media sites are also a very successful tool used by these criminals and they deceive young people using these sites by different scams and frauds. Flirts and other scams are common examples which cause people to lose their money. Such scams are common all over the world; recent incident took place in Saudi Arabia where a man has scammed people by flirting and posing as a woman causing loss of thousands of riyals. Saudi daily newspaper Al Watan reported a security official that the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice arrested the man after receiving an anonymous tip.[irp]

The sources said that the man who is just 20 years old was surprisingly good at imitating female voice. He was scamming people by doing flirt and use a female voice, clothes, makeup, and perfumes. Such activity was going on for several years and the man has acquired almost 15000 SR.  Police found around 8000 SR during a raid on his flat. Police charge the con man with fraud and deception. He was trialed by the Saudi court in Jeddah and found guilty of all the charges. The court sentenced him one-year imprisonment and 800 lashes.

Source: Gulf News