Traffic Police cannot Arrest you without court order – Traffic Laws in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi traffic police can arrest a vehicle driver only if he is found to have violated the traffic rules twice in a Hijri year but after obtaining a court order, traffic expert Musaed Al-Rabeesh said while talking to the local media during a meeting on Tuesday. He said that the traffic police don’t have enough knowledge about traffic system due to lack of training. The citizens should also know about their rights provided by the traffic laws, he added.  Heavy fines in shape of violation tickets are imposed on the drivers violating these rules and regulations. Saudi Arabia has strict laws and rules in terms of Traffic laws and they are strictly observed.[irp]

He defined the categories of these violations. He told that there are four types of traffic violations. The fine for the first violation starts from SR 500 up to SR 900 with impounding of the vehicle. Second violation results in the form of a fine ranging from SR 3000 to SR 500 and also the impounding of the vehicle. The third violation results in the fine of SR 150 to SR 300 without impounding of the vehicle whereas the fourth starts from SR100 to SR150 without impounding the vehicle. He further added that there are almost 73 violations in total out of which only 9 violations allow impounding of the vehicle in some conditions.

He said that the violations include driving under the effect of tranquilizers, drunk driving, crossing a red light, dodging cars, driving in the opposite direction, over speeding, overtaking in places where it’s not allowed, bypassing a stop sign and drifting. He told that the arrests can only be made if any of such violations are repeated twice in a Hijri calendar after getting a court order.  Recommended: List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia

“A driver can’t be arrested by a traffic officer even if he committed some or all of these violations and traffic police must notify the driver that he will be arrest if he commits a serious violation which threatens the public safety and repeats it twice in a Hijri year,” he added. For monitoring purpose, electronic devices are used at the traffic directorate to keep track of such violations.[irp]

Al-Rabeesh further added that if any of the 9 serious ranked violations committed by any driver the Directorate can then take the matter to the traffic court within 30 days of the committing the second violation. If the matter is not referred within 30 days, then the citizen can overcome the punishment. He said that the traffic officers have a low educational level and they even don’t know that bypassing a stop sign is a vital violation. Traffic police have to update their knowledge of traffic laws to do more in the field.

Source: Arab News