22 Doctors separate the conjoined heads of Syrian twins in Saudi Arabia

22 highly professional doctors succeeded to separate the conjoined heads of Syrian twins. After the 10 hours long surgery, the panel of 22 doctors has been successful to separate the four years old twins belonging to Syria who was conjoined at the head. The surgery took place in Riyadh at the King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital at the KAMC. The case of the conjoined twins was for the first time highlighted in 2013 when their father requested to be helped for the treatment of the little girls. He appealed to King Abdullah of KSA to help him. King Abdullah took the notice of this girl’s plight. The names of the girls are Tuqa and Yaqeen. The King ordered to bring them to Saudi Arabia from Syria for the surgery. According to the sources, Siamese twins were flown directly from Syria for the operation.[irp]

A brain consultant named Dr. Ahmed Al Faryan, who is also the head of the multidisciplinary medical team handling the case and in charge of the operation said that it is an extremely rare and the most complicated and difficult twin case. The separation is extremely risky and life-threatening. The Syrian girls were sharing a skull by birth. Fortunately, the girls had their independent separate brains that led the doctors to perform the surgery.

According to the spokesperson of KAMC, the surgery was performed in six stages from time to time at King Abdul Aziz Medical City. The four-year-old girls went through preparative surgical treatments since April 2014 before the final stage to be performed on the Syrian twin girls this weekend. 22 highly-professional doctors and nurses have been successful in the separation of the four years old Tuqa and Yakeen after an epic 10-hour operation.

It is a part of humanitarian efforts. The surgeries of the girls included different stages such as in June 2014, the veins between brains of the Siamese twins were separated and a piece of silicon was implanted between them. After three months, the more veins were detached along with a portion of the blood vessel that passed blood between their brains. Then the third stage is inserting the tissue expanders under the twin girl’s brains under the supervision of Dr. Manaf Al-Azzawi and Dr. Nasser Al-Hodaib. The remaining veins and blood vessels were disjointed along with a portion of the shared brain.

According to doctors, the success rate for the surgery of Syrian sisters is 60 per cent. The operation is being funded for by the Saudi government as a charitable and kind gesture.  Saudi Arabia has a side of top doctors and surgeons in the separation of twins. Two Syrian girls’ separation surgery will be the 38th operation performed by them in the Kingdom since 1990. The doctors have the experience of treating above 65 Siamese twins. In these 65 cases, 30 have been successful during the last two eras. The other remaining cases were the cases that are not fit or let the doctors for successful separation due to health issues.[irp]

It is reported in the News, Besides the Kingdom, the twins came to Saudi Arabia for the treatment from many countries like Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, Poland, Morocco, and Iraq. The treatment of conjoined twins is carried out on orders of King Salman. The total expenses of the treatment, surgery and the travel are being paid by the Saudi government as a charitable gesture. Twins who are sharing the skull or otherwise twins attached at the head are a very exceptional phenomenon. Almost 40% of such twins are born dead and another 33% die within the immediate period before or after birth, generally from organ abnormalities and failure.

Source: Arab News