How does it feel when your salary gets delayed for 6 months?

The Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Labor in their ongoing efforts in order to streamline the system have provided a major recourse in the wage protection. Despite this, the issue of the delayed salaries has once again risen up to the surface, when everybody had thought that the employees would now be protected against a wage delay from any big company when a string of tough measures had been introduced some time back, with the purpose of tackling such issues. Mufrij Al Haqbani, the Minister of Social Development and Labor had stated that at the time when stronger measures are being introduced which allowed the expatriates to have the complete right to transfer their sponsorship if their sponsor delays their salary for a period of more than three months. Recommended: Transfer of Sponsorship (Naqal Kafala) without Approval of Kafeel

A video call service has also been activated in order to enable the workers to reach the Minister directly. The callers would also be able to reach the minister and other related officials in the Ministry of Labor and Social Development by dialing up the customer service at 19911. The employees and employers do not need to visit the head office located in Riyadh anymore, in order to have their paperwork processed and inquiries answered. The victims of salary delay, who do not always use the complete legal options available to them, have started to resort to uncommon measures. Recently the employees, employed at a big construction company had completely blocked the main roads in order to protest their delays in salary.[irp]

Such a thing has never been heard of before in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the people should have gone through the proper channel in order to voice and register their complaints and protests. Some of the enraged employees went one step further and set ablaze a few of the busses that were the property of the construction company. Nobody can ever favor violence as a means of expression. However, we should also consider the driving force behind these extreme actions carried out by the workers and employees.

I must be completely honest and state clearly that I do not know the full extent of what had happened that lead to the situation escalating to such a point. What everybody knows, however, is that people had not been paid their due salaries for the last few months. It was the same scenario for the Saudi employees and the expatriate employees as well as the families of all the employees of the company.[irp]

How would one feel when they tell their landlord that they cannot pay their rent due to the fact that the salary has been delayed? How would a father feel when they know that they cannot afford to take their sick children to the hospital for treatment? How many times can a person borrow money?  For the expatriate workers, the first thought in their head would be how they would send money back home for their families, which he cannot do, without borrowing.

Source: Saudi Gazette