Shaving Head by Illegal Barber after Umrah may cause HIV & AIDS

The number of illegal barbers is increased near Makkah. Especially during Hajj season, they are huge in quantity as business is highest during those days. Pilgrims have shared their concern over precautionary measures these barbers take while shaving or cutting their hairs.  Saudi and expatriate pilgrims have shared their concerns that these barbers use same blades for the shaving purpose which has caused severe health issues including HIV and AIDS. Makkah Mayoralty has promised these pilgrims that they will hand over these illegal barbers to security agencies and will make it sure that they will get the quality services. Citizens have expressed their concerns by stating that these illegal foreign workers should not be allowed to exercise freely unless proper licenses are issued. They should also be properly supervised in order to stop the violation of the sanctity of the Holy place.[irp]

The director of Media and publishing at Mayoralty has shared his concerns that his department has regulated proper campaign in order to stop these phenomena. The municipality has already started working on these issues and soon it is expected that all illegal barbers will be arrested. Later they are expected to be deported to their own countries and huge fines will also be imposed for playing with the health of Pilgrims and other citizens. The presence of these foreign illegal workers has been informed to all security agencies and they have started their search.  Monitoring of all legal barbers has also started to make sure that they make all necessary measures in order to take care of health issues of pilgrims. It has declared must for all barbers to take care of hygiene regulation and blades should always be disposed of after using for the first time.

The municipality has also warned pilgrims regarding their health concerns that if they really want to save their health, they should go to legal barbers who are issued license from the ministry of labor. These legal barbers normally charge reasonable and have secure equipment for haircut and shaving purpose. The mayoralty is against the presence of illegal foreign barbers who are playing with the health of people, especially around Grand mosque.

It is well known that these illegal barbers use old equipment and don’t bother about changing blades each time they shave. This is the biggest threat to the health of pilgrims and other citizens. Pilgrims share their diseases due to the careless and selfish attitude of these illegal barbers. The director of media has told that Mayoralty has resolved to coordinate with security agency for fast evacuation of these illegal barbers.[irp]

It is essential in order to protect pilgrims and other natives of Makkah City. Shaving is one of the important steps of Pilgrimage which has motivated these illegal barbers to come to Makkah and earn money through illegal ways. They are not expert enough to take proper care of shaving precautions which is leading to several diseases among pilgrims. The barbers are majority foreigners so there must be proper authentication of these legal barbers as well in order to stop this problem immediately.

Source: Saudi Gazette