2 Pakistani ‘solar boys’ who become paralyzed every night

Two brothers from Pakistan have now become famous as the solar kids; their case has completely stumped the doctors not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The two brothers, one aged 13 and the other one nine, are average or regular active children during the sunlight hours. However as soon as the sun goes down and it is dark, both the brothers slip into a vegetative state, during which they are neither able to move nor talk. A professor at PIMS or Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Javed Akram spoke to the Associated Press on Thursday. During his talks with the press, he stated that he had not the slightest of ideas as to what is causing these unique and unheard of symptoms in these 2 young boys.[irp]

He added that they had taken up the unique and unusual case as a challenge. The doctors at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences are conducting tests in order to determine the reason as to why these children are completely active during the day yet they cannot even open their eyes, eat or even talk when the sun has gone down. He regularly visits the pair at the hospital. Akram also stated that the government of Pakistan has been providing free medical care to the two brothers, who belong to an impoverished family.

The two brothers have been undergoing extensive medical testing in the hospital which is located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Samples of the brothers’ blood have been sent to various specialists overseas who are conducting further examination of the blood samples. Akram stated that the researchers are also currently collecting air and soil samples from the home of the family located in the village where they reside.

The father of the two brothers, Mohammad Hashim, hails from a relatively small village located near the city of Quetta, the capital city of the province of Baluchistan. His wife is also his first cousin, and 2 out of the 6 children they had together passed away at an early age. The two other children of the couple have not displayed any sort of unusual symptoms.

The father Mohammad Hashim has a relatively simpler theory behind the case of his two sons. He states that he thinks that his two sons acquire their energy from the sun. However, the doctors and medical professionals have clearly dismissed any idea that the sunlight plays any role in this oddity. The doctors noted that the two boys could move and function during the day even if they had been kept inside a dark room or during a rainstorm with no sunlight.[irp]

During the daylight hours, Shoaib Ahmed, the 13-year-old, and his brother, Abdul Rasheed seemed like any other children, cheerful and extremely energetic. They frequently leave their hospital room to go to the canteen and take a walk. Shoaib Ahmed says that he wants to become a teacher when he grows up, whereas the younger brother has stated that he wants to become an Islamic Scholar.

Source: Al Arabiya