Street Cleaners are forced to beg SR 500 per day – Expat gang arrested

Recently the Asir Municipality has arrested a gang working inside cleaning departments of Saudi Arabia who forced cleaners to beg money for them. The officials have arrested expatriate supervisors who were running an organized gang for earning black money through different tactics. Due to power and authority, these supervisors threatened cleaners who were allocated to different areas for begging money from passersby in Abha. Begging is an easy way to collect money from those who feel sorry for poor circumstance and unhealthy living conditions of deprived persons. These supervisors forced cleaners to pretend to the public that they are living in pathetic conditions and need financial aid for fulfilling their daily needs.[irp]

This crime has been prolonging for long durations and these black money makers earned thousands of Riyals through this illegal business. Begging has already been blacklisted for adoption as a profession even on a need basis. In case any person is unable to make his living, he should contact government departments for financial help. The officials managed a long term solid plan in order to monitor and capture these illegal beggars who were using their legal profession for their illegal activities. The secretariat after confirmation of crimes of these supervisors managed to fire them and also canceled their contracts.  It was not only embarrassing for the Kingdom due to increasing rate of begging but also caused trouble to these cleaners who were forced to be due to the influence of their supervisors.

Each worker had to submit at least SR 500 for the day otherwise he or she was not able to get relieved from his/her daily job. The gang offered the workers few days’ rest in case they were able to earn more than SR500 for a day. Those who refused the demands of these supervisors or were not able to submit the required amount of money for a day were threatened by these supervisors related to their job security.  The supervisor for hygiene and environmental sanitation at Asir municipality mentioned that the secretariat has taken all necessary measures that no such situation would arise again in future and supervisors would not threaten workers ever again in future regarding their job security.

The secretariat has taken all necessary measure in order to make sure that supervisors in future won’t take illegal advantage of their position or jobs. The department of cleaning and hygiene system has improved the schedule of change in work shifts which has led to a boost in surveillance tours regarding supervision of field teams. These tours make it possible that workers focus on their job and don’t get involved in any kind of illegal activities.[irp]

Under the supervision of investigation committee during last seven months, five supervisors have been fired due to negligence act from their duties. It has proved that department has concentrated fully on individuals who are creating possibilities for illegal activities. The department is hopeful that nothing like past will happen again in future regarding abusive begging activities.

Source: Arab News