38 liters of “Human Urine” found in “perfume factory” in Jeddah selling “Oud”

Jeddah Police Officials have caught ten gallons or 38 liters of human urine in a perfume making company. The municipality team raided the warehouse which was allocated for keeping material for formation of perfume and fragrances.

The team was shocked to see gallons filled with human urine which was present in premises of the warehouse. It was so evident that the warehouse material is used in perfumes and these perfumes are later sold in the market.

For the first instance, the team has sealed the warehouse and disposed of the urine stock. This was not the only stinging material present in the warehouse; there were also many drums of perfumed oil which had to be sold in the market as Oud.

Raiding team took oils, raw material and perfume bottles in custody. The team handed over the matter to Civil defense, and let the Ministry of Commerce and industry involvement in the matter immediately.

The warehouse has been shut down till foreign workers who are running this perfume factory will be arrested.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry has taken immediate action and arrest warrants of these foreign workers have been issued. The operator of the warehouse has fined for the presence of illegal raw material including human urine.

The warehouse had no license for perfume making and has also found committing other health violations.

The police and civil security department have started investigations that why such huge quantity of stinging human urine was accumulated and what was the purpose behind it.


It is suspected that these illegal workers were using human urine in the making of local perfumes and later sold them in the market. The municipality team has extended its raids after this incident.

The civil defense department has issued an order for inspection of confectionary plants, fast food parlors, and warehouses.

Source: Arab News