Fake Identity Card: Expat used to commit crimes, Saudi was in trouble every time

There are several kinds of crimes reported in Police station of Saudi Arabia but some crimes totally blow your mind. Recently a man is arrested by Jeddah police who kept on using ID card of a Saudi and committed several crimes. Due to using ID card belonging to another person, the real culprit remained out of prison every time and police arrested the person whose ID he was using continuously. This case is of a strange nature and the crime list of the culprit caused a constant nightmare to the innocent citizen who lost his ID card to that criminal.[irp]

The expatriate criminal stole and used the ID card of Al-Harbi an Arab native when he lost his wallet. He started committing several kinds of different crimes by using his ID card and made everyone feel that he is Al-Harbi who’s ID card he had stolen. He committed multiple crimes for 12 years including assaulting girls, traffic rules violation and running up debt from different financial aid institutions.  Saudi Arabia citizen Abdullah Al-Harbi told media that he started facing trouble near 12 years ago when he was called to the police station for the very first time due to a criminal activity reported on his ID card.

Before it happened, he lost his wallet in Madinah and reported the loss of his identity documents to the nearest police station. Despite fulfilling all legal requirements, he faced several issues and the worst nightmare of his life started over.

For the very first time, he was called by a Saudi Telecommunications Company demanding a pending bill of worth SR 3,000. They claimed that the citizen used his services and did not pay the bill. Al Harbi did not ever used the telecommunication services and tried hard to prove that it was he who was liable for the bill. He filed a complaint in court but it did not help at all. A few months later he received severe notification for committing traffic violations. He again explained that it is not the same person who is committing all these crimes and he should.

It did not end here last year he was called from a police station in Al-Muzahimiyah where he has reported as a culprit again in any other crime and he had to report at his earliest. He felt so helpless and started hating his life due to the endless worries and problems which started the day he lost his ID in the crowd.   This time he was accused of raping a girl and becoming the father of her legitimate child. He was so shocked of this embarrassing situation and explained the situation to the police officials.[irp]

This was the extreme of anything and he properly followed his complaint and pleaded for the arrest of the real criminal who was using his ID card for illegitimate activities which have dragged his life in endless worries and pain. Later the criminal got arrested while committing violations of traffic rules and the innocent citizen got rid of the worst nightmare of his life.

Source: Arab News