Saudi Binladin Group makes 3 points proposal to its Expatriate Employees

A few days ago on 30th April, we covered a story about Saudi Binladin group issuing final exit visas to its 50,000 employees without settling their dues. Next day, there was an outrage among Saudi Binladin employees and they burnt at least 7 Saudi Binladin staff buses in their premises in Makkah. Most of Saudi Binladin employees have not received their salaries from last 3 to 6 months. There has been dissatisfaction, restlessness, and uncertainty among their employees. In this crises situation, Saudi Binladin has tried to come up with a proposal to its employees.[irp]

Before going into details of the proposal, it is important to mention here that at the time when crane incident took place, Saudi Binladin group was operating with around 217,000 employees out of which 17,000 were Saudi employees. Since the incident took place, Saudi Binladin has been continuously reducing the size of its manpower. They have terminated around 77,000 expatriate employees so far which is around 40% of their expatriate workforce. It is important to mention here that government has banned awarding any new contract to Saudi Binladin group since the time it is announced that crane incident took place due to their negligence. Recommended: How Crane fell down in Makkah and took 111 lives and left 394 injured?

Saudi Binladin pays a monthly salary of around SR 414 million to its employees and their overdue salaries have reached up to SR 4.8 billion. You can easily understand this situation that they don’t have money to pay the salaries. Employees who have been working for them without receiving a salary are actually taking loans from different sources to meet up their expenses. It is a very difficult situation for them as they have to borrow money but they don’t know if they would be able to pay back this money.[irp]

In this problematic situation, Saudi Binladin management has come up with a proposal to its remaining 60% expatriate workforce.

1-Look for other jobs, as soon as an expatriate finds a job, he can ask for transfer of sponsorship. Saudi Binladin Group has been accepting all requests for the transfer of sponsorship. Recommended: Procedure to Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

2-If they are unable to find a job in Saudi Arabia and just want to go back to their home country, Saudi Binladin Group can process final exit visa for them. In this way, they will not have to borrow further money to meet their domestic expenses in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Procedure of Final Exit in Saudi Arabia

3-Third and last option given to Saudi Binladin employees is to wait till the time they receive money from their customers. In the above two scenarios, Saudi Binladin would not be able to pay any overdue salaries or End of Service Benefits to its employees. However, there is a commitment that they will be paid once Saudi Binladin receives some money from its customers.