List of Nationalities which don’t need Saudi Visa

The procedure of Saudi Arabian visa is something which a passenger will have to navigate while traveling to Saudi Arabia. There are different classes of visas available. You can apply for your visa just before 3 months of your expected arrival day. It is important to know that Saudi Arabia tourist visas are only allowed to people who intend to visit their family or friends here. So what is preventing you from traveling, take a look at the countries that are welcomed with open arms without a prior visa? Generally, people from all countries applying to enter Saudi Arabia require a visa. But there are certain countries or people who do not need a prior visa to enter the Kingdom.[irp]

1-Citizens of Bahrain does not require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia and there is freedom of movement.

2-Nationals of Kuwait do not require a visa to visit Saudi Arabia and may use National Identity Cards to enter the country:

3-Oman citizens may enter Saudi Arabia without a visa.

4-Citizens of Qatar also fall in the category that is exempted from visa requirement

5-And lastly, United Arab Emirates nationals are the one who does not require any visa to enter Saudi Arabia.

6-All the transit passengers who are there to continue their journey by changing flights within 12 hours are exempt from the visa requirement. But the only condition is that they should hold valid onwards or return papers or documents, not leave the airport and make no more travel in Saudi Arabia. However, if you want to stay in Kingdom for more than 12 hours, you will have to apply for a Transit visa. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia