Why do we Burp? 8 Tips to avoid excessive Burping

Every individual, an infant or an adult, experience burping or belching which makes one feel very shy and embarrassed. In many situations, we try to cover our mouth with hands, but the burp makes its way out. Sometimes the loud burps indicate that the person has eaten well and the food has been digested but on the other hand continuous occurrence of burps is not a good signal. To have a burp occasionally is perfectly normal whereas there can be causes that can lead to regular burping issues. By investigating the root cause, one can actually get rid of this problem. Main factors that result in Burping;[irp]

According to the general perceptions, people suffer belching when they eat too much but this is not the only cause as other factors trigger burping.

ULCERS:  According to research people who are suffering from acute ulcers are more likely to experience burping as the ulcers produce a lot of acidic gases in the patient’s body.

GAS IN THE STOMACH: Too much accumulation of raw fruits and vegetables, fizzy drinks and bran based products can result in the production of a huge quantity of gases in the body. By burping, the body tends to release the excessive gas that is present in the body.

SWALLOWING TOO MUCH AIR: In many cases, the air can easily enter the digestive system when one tries to gulp down the food or drink quickly. There are greater chances of swallowing too much air while one is smoking, chewing gum, and talking during eating food.

FAILURE TO BREAK DOWN SUGAR: Individual who can only digest the little amount of Lactose and are suffering from Lactose intolerance (a condition in which the body fails to break down the components present in milk into its byproducts). Due to this failure, the body produces excessive gases that lead to burping.

8 Tips to avoid excessive Burping: There are various easy home remedies that are highly efficient in the treatment of excessive burping.

GINGER: It is one the natural ingredients to curb burping. Ginger tea is very effective as it can be simply made by adding a spoon of grated ginger pulp into boiling water.

Use few drops of lemon juice with ginger pulp to form a paste, eat this after every meal.

PAPAYA: Papaya is well known for its soothing properties to regulate a healthy digestive system. The enzyme Papain present in Papaya is very helpful to eliminate burping.

PEPPERMINT: Drinking peppermint tea reduces the belching problem. The cooling properties of Peppermint help to control burping.

YOGURT: Yogurt contains many valuable enzymes that accelerate the process of digestion.

It can be taken with meals to slow down the burping tendencies.

CUMIN: Gulping a teaspoon of cumin seed with water can reduce burping immediately.

CARAWAY SEEDS: If you want to stop burping instantly take a few caraway seeds with water to bring down burping.