5 reasons Pakistani Passport is among the worst Passports in the World

There are around 1.5 million Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia. According to unofficial stats issued by different agencies, the most number of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia from one country is Pakistan. Most number of Pakistanis living abroad is also Saudi Arabia. A few days ago, we published an article “List of Countries with Visa Free Access on Pakistani Passport” but you can see these are less than 25 countries where Pakistani Passport holders can get visa free access. If you have a look at “10 least powerful Passports of the world”, you will find Pakistan at the bottom. Why is Pakistani Passport among the worst Passports in the World? We have addressed this issue below.

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Terrorist Links: The most important reason why other countries don’t give visa free access to Pakistani passport is their relations with terrorism. I don’t say all Pakistanis are terrorists. They are a very peaceful nation. But somehow, most of the terrorist attacks all around the world have links with Pakistan. I don’t want to go in detail. You don’t even have to justify it. I am not blaming Pakistan for supporting terrorism; I am telling you what world thinks about them.

Overstaying the Visa: The main reason a country visa free access to the nationals of other countries is to promote tourism. They want other nationals to come to their country, spend some money, strengthen their economy and go back to their home countries. The reason Pakistanis passport is one of the worst passports of the world is their overstaying habit. Most of the Pakistanis have an intention to overstay in the country they are traveling to and earn some money there. They ultimately want to settle down there and get their status legalized. This is the reason; sometimes embassies reject visas for those Pakistanis who don’t have such intention. USA embassy in Jeddah rejected visa of one of my colleagues who wanted to go there for a company sponsored training.

Law Abiding Citizens: Most of the Pakistanis do not have a habit of following rules and regulations. Perhaps, it is because of the culture in their country or general behavior. They are not very law abiding citizens. They try to violate traffic rules and feel proud in telling about it to others. How is a country going to accept this kind of attitude? It is unlike Filipinos and Indians who are considered very law abiding citizens.

Weak Financial Condition: A large population of Pakistanis is living below the poverty line. They don’t have enough money to eat 2 times a day, drink clean water, wear proper clothes. I know, many Pakistanis are very rich but here I am talking about the majority. If a country opens up its border for them, there is a huge risk that they will not return back.

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Weak Political Condition: Unfortunately, the Pakistani government is a very weak as far as tackling the visa issues with foreign offices of other countries is concerned. They are not even working on this issue to improve it in future. If the situation continues like this, I don’t see Pakistani passport regaining its respect in near future.

  • Khan

    We just dont care, what the world thinks about us. We know our country and people very well, Just mind your own business.

  • Faizal Mohamed

    seriously dude…

  • Vishnu

    Indians are not running any sponsored terror camps in India.State sponsored terrorism is happening only in one country. In many countries,we can see the presence of terrorists,but sponsoring them by the state is not common anywhere like in pakistan. ow would you can say Indians are not happy with their Govt.Yes there are different opinions in India.Current Govt got the single majority and Mr.Modi as become the world leader now.

    Please accept the fact about your country and try to rectify it for the future.

    God bless you!

  • Vishnu

    You guys keep blaming India and entire world understood what happening in Pakistan. Fact is that Pakistan cannot fight directly with India and they provided all the support to terrorists to act against India. Now Paksitan is struggling with those terrorists.This is the fact. Its high time all young Pakistanis understand the facts and rectify it.Otherwise you guys gonna get the entire world against you.

  • Pakistani

    Steve, The topic is bit old but I just came across this now. I appreciate your good work for expats but you don’t have a right to judge a nation by its passport ranking. By no means I want to compare Pakistan with India, as India is not a bench mark for us for improvement. It just you gave example of India so I compared India based on your reasoning. Here I show you how wrong you are by facts not just what I think. I agree Pakistani passport is among worst in ranking and agree with some parts of your reasoning as well but not all as they are not based on facts. It just based on your biased thinking.
    1. On terrorism, just open details of major Terrorist attacks around the globe and you will see some good ranking passports behind that. I am not talking about regional conflicts as someone said ”One side terrorist is other side freedom fighter”.
    2. As per World Bank report 17% Pakistani living under poverty line compare to 22% for India (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_percentage_of_population_living_in_poverty)
    3. Overall Crime, “law abiding things” definition is too broad but just compare murder rate, as common perception through western or Indian media is that, in Pakistan everyone is killing each other. India is worst than Pakistan in Murder rating (http://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/stats/Crime/Violent-crime/Murder-rate)
    I hope it will help you to improve your Blog and help us also to improve our selves as Global Citizen. Best Regards

  • Hamid Nazir

    I am Indian i can testify that Indians are not running the sponsored terror camps cause they have the direct link through their own current president- Modi (Cause the president of India is the terrorist) what happened in Gujarat people did not forget.
    Dont make up things and blame your neighbors of something you are not aware of. India is known for blaming Pakistan for everything and crying out loud for every little fire cracker.

  • Adil Qasim

    Mr. Steve the ranking system doesn’t work the way you are trying to work it out. The most important thing about Ranking is if you are allowing the other citizens to travel to your country, are they allowing your citizens the same right. Pakistan have no visa free agreement with anyone in the whole world. It is from the beginning. I still remember back in 65-70 when Pakistani passport is one of the top in the world, they were still not allowed as that time also there were o such agreements, that Pakistan signed.

    In Musharraf time they signed 1 with Malaysia and I cannot forget that trip of mine to Malaysia, when I grounded in Kuala Lumpur

    , I see a long queue of people standing to get their visa from immigration. I also get into the line and same time one police man saw and came to me, he might noticed my passport in my hand and he asked me, sir Pakistani citizen do not need entry visa to visit Malaysia, please proceed to other counter for entry stamp.
    and I went to other counter and they stamped the visa without any fees.
    British, Americans they were started staring at me like I was an alien(lol) and I stayed 2 weeks and came back to Pakistan. It was not a business trip I was just visiting to meet friends for vacation.
    So that the truth otherwise you tell me how it is possible that it is even below Syria and Iraq and also some very poor African countries? Pakistan is the 25th biggest economy and in top 10 powerful country in the world. So these rankings are created by those who have problem with Pakistan as they cannot digest a Nuclear Power muslim country.

  • Adil Qasim

    But they are running terror camps in Afghanistan, Kalbusham jadev is one example…your sarabjit was another. You people even don’t feel shame to accept that you ppl are killing innocent kashmiris, sarabjeet was a terrorist and Endia treated him like a martyr shame on Endia for praising a death of a terrorist. Your Modi himself is in the same category, Even Osama did not killed that many people in 15 years of his life in Afghanistan, where modi killed in Gujrat in few days. He was banned to enter USA, but as we all know USA as a 2 head snake, they lift the ban only because this terrorist modi become a PM of the most foolish nation on earth ENDIA.

  • Adil Qasim

    This is your own mind set. I lived in Australia for 7 years, I see Endian who migrated from Endia as criminal there, even they get a lot of trouble in neighbor where they live with aussie or other nationalities, but if they are alone then they are the most abiding people. as they are scared rats.
    If that is the case you think why don’t you check the crime rate in both countries, only that can tell you which nation is law abiding and which is not

  • Adil Qasim

    point 3. is another blunder, as it was a well planned operation, whole world know. In this era you still believe American attack Abbottabad and killed and took Osama without Pakistan army permission? See USA represent their armies as heroes, where as they never won a single war, be it in Vietnam where they surrendered, in Iraq or in Afghanistan. They are just good in killing innocent people, they are war mongers and their people are so stupid to give them their hard earned money to spread terrorist.

    Everyone knows Osama was killed way back in 2006 and the cause of his death maybe natural. and since 2001 this was 4th time when USA killed Osama, I will not surprise if he is seen in any new video, as he I guess have a habit to walk dead.

  • M Khalid Idrees

    Steve. The only reason that Pakistani passport is downgraded is lack of obedience to law and poor governance in Pakistan. Otherwise Pakistanis are among most hardworking and intelligent nations

  • رفیق احمد اتمانی

    i do agree with the point # 5 Weak Political Condition, because we are facing corrupt politicians each time.
    regarding the terrorism, i do not agree with that, because the terrorism is taking place everywhere in the world, and each country suffered by terrorism.
    if the Pakistan is the source or origin of terrorist, then why Pakistan lost a lot in war in terror?
    other countries are sending the terrorist to Pakistan and they are destroying the stability of Pakistan, Pakistan has around 2400 km long boarder with Afghanistan, which can’t be secured completely, unfortunately the border with Afghanistan is a array of mountains and hills.
    on other hand India is operating 22 consulates in Afghanistan, the RAW is directly involved in the terrorism in Pakistan.
    Arabs have given chance to terrorism in Afghanistan, and now the enemies of Pakistan are taking advantage of that.
    another reason of terrorism in Pakistan and blackmailing Pakistan in the eyes of the rest world is the Atomic Power of Pakistan.
    Pakistan is the only one Islamic Atomic Powered country in the world. and this is not bearable for the other countries.
    anyway Pakistanis are the strong and hardworking peoples, they don’t need visa free entry to any country …..
    Pakistan Zinda Abad,,, Pak Army Payinda Abad

  • Hasnain Ahmed

    well replied sir , hope steve reads it do check his facts before being judgmental about a nation.

  • Badar Munir

    You telling the fact but I don’t think so yar it’s May effect but it’s also depends on your government and their foreign relationships 5 reasons that you have given up.. if you compared with india Nepal Bangladesh Iraq iran there are many other countries which is even worst than Pakistan internal condition but still passport value is batter.. there is one reason is vaild your fucking fat ass leaders are no good for Pakistani public

  • Hasnain Ahmed

    May be u r correct for saying that Pakistani passport is least powerful but even a 5 years old knows all the fingers in 1 hand r not equal so how come a person like u wrote all that crap about a nation mentioning terrorist link , law abiding , over staying , weak financial condition its just racism and speaks of ones mind rather then the actual facts which are far different then what u have mention.

  • Hasnain Ahmed

    1- what are your stats or data based upon according to which you are giving the degree of law abiding citizen , is it according to ur personal opinion , experience or the countries crime report pls do share ur thoughts on this.

    2-thx for sharing .

    3-Iraq (WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION) DID U FIND IT ? Libya Afghanistan Syria these are the name of the countries which the U.S have destroyed based on disinformation & falsehood by playing the JOKE of WMD & others so according to these what u will call your nation as & dont forget 9-11 was an inside job as well so

    At the end i would say that your information do not match the real facts happening in the world all the world have proven and established facts about who is who ?

    pls do share ur light of though with us .

  • Syed Minhaj Uddin

    Terrorism–> Reduced 400% ALHUMDULILLAH past year
    Law Abiding Citizens–> Literate people in Pakistan atleast know to follow rules in other countries
    Weak Financial Conditions–> Financial conditions are stable now ALHUMDULILLAH.
    Political Conditions–> political conditions are also stable now ALHUMDULILLAH no martial law from past 10 years 🙂

    So Insha Allah we are the next nation…

  • Asim Saeed

    Baseless and shamefull allegation

  • Israr Rudbari

    2. Indian 22% will be whole Pakistan including Afghanistan population, because India number in population is almost double.

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