10 Ways to get over the bad feelings after weekend ends on Sunday

The weekend is one of the most awaited times in the life of everyone. The more a person is happier when the weekend arrives, the more he feels sad when it ends, that’s natural! It’s psychological impact that people feel so low that why Sunday flies so fast. Even workaholic people feel annoyed when the weekend ends. There are so many ways one should go for in order to get rid of Sunday blues. [irp]

Make Friday your Monday: Make a list of all big and small tasks you have to perform in a coming week. Try to tackle with all small and annoying tasks on Friday afternoon. It will make room for bigger and clear tasks to be done on Monday. It will make a difference on your energy level and you will hardly suffer from Sunday blues.

Accomplish goals before the week ends: Try to clean you Emails and cover up your work on Friday afternoon. Don’t delay it on Monday. You will see if you had already done you complicated tasks before the week ended it will make you feel fresh on Sunday night.

Order something new: Visit some new restaurant, order something different and try a new deal of burger, coffee or any other recipe. Try to do something creative which will give you a sense of accomplishment during your weekend and you will welcome working days happily.

Get a new look: Feeling low on Sunday noon? Get up, dress up in a different way call you friends, set some party and enjoy. The compliments from friends and family and lovely time spent with them will make you forget about any kind of stress.

Focus on your work: If you will be focused on your work, it will be interesting for you. Try to be determinant about the tasks you are assigned to, it will make a difference in your official life. The Sundays will not cause lowering feelings anymore this way.

Be flexible: Don’t be too workaholic, be focused on the break as well. Take a walk during a break or divide the work into different milestones. Give a pause to work after achieving each milestone.

Get relief: When you feel stressed about work, switch to funny mode. See any funny video, read jokes or try to be sarcastic for a while. You will see it relieves you within a minute; the Sunday will not haunt you any more about Monday morning 😉

Set healthy diet: Health is wealth; it is said by indeed a wiser man. If you are concerned about your health, nothing can hinder your energy. Every moment of your life will be happier and calm. So be careful while choosing your food.[irp]

Call a friend: Feeling bored on work? Take your phone out, call your good friends share updates from your life and listen to theirs. That’s it.

Post work activities: Set something interesting as after work activity. Relate it to the accomplishment of your daily work. It will keep you motivated about completing your task.

Source: Destination KSA