Saudi Government approves Free Education for Yemeni Children in Public Schools

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a gateway for people of many diverse backgrounds, cultures, and religions. The Saudis are mostly Muslims, but the expats that enter the Kingdom are Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists as well. Apart from that, the most important Gulf Country also holds the people from the other Gulf States, such as from Bahrain, Oman, and UAE. Yemen is one of the other Muslim Arab countries in the world that hosts a large population who have managed to travel into the Kingdom to start afresh and leave behind all the bubbles they have seen back home.[irp]

With their entrance into the Kingdom, families mostly hold the Visitor’s card which gives them privileges and accesses on Arabian soil. However, only recently have Yemenis holding a visitor’s card have been allowed to enroll their children in public schools in the Jazan District. The decision was announced by the crown Prince Mohammad Bin Naif, along with the deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

The education minister Azzam Al-Dakheel said that the decision was called by the Prince and immediately work began to make the plan effective.  The Minister also said that he along with others had been trying to extend the welcome call to the Yemenis and they couldn’t find a better way than allowing their children to get enrolled in the Public Schools.

Soon after the announcement, schools began accepting applications almost immediately and have issued a test date to the applicants in order to analyze their knowledge for a better enrollment in a class that would coordinate with their thought and knowledge.  All students who apply will have to go through the test and through this, it shall be decided in what grade the student will be enrolled and whether they have enough of knowledge to get an admission.

That is rarely the case, but it is an important eligibility criterion. To devise the test, the Sabya Education Directorate will be holding a meeting to draft and discuss the topics that shall be covered in the test. This would also discuss the integration program and accordingly print out several tests based on their age and what class they wish to be enrolled in.  The Minister said that the Yemeni parents are advised to visit the education directorates situated in the Jazan Directorate if they have any complaints or need any sort of help.[irp]

Staff shall be available to them and will guide them and their children through most of the procedure and provide guidelines that would help them to easily adjust the curriculum and atmosphere of the school. It is good to see how the Yemeni children can now move on with their lives, leaving behind all that they had to go through back at home. This is the new start they need.

Source: Al Arabiya