4 Dangers associated with Abandoned Cars to the Saudi Society

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most flourishing countries in the world. It is not only beautifully structured and built over what used to be a desert but also engulfed in itself the modern architecture and scenery that makes it a great destination, if weather conditions remain calm and polite. Within the Kingdom, you will find people living in lavish villas and apartments. Most of the Saudis choose to live in Villas that are a direct representation of their class and status.[irp]

Saudis have a very expensive taste and want it to be shown off in every way possible whether through their own clothing or having access to the latest and most expensive cell phones and gadgets, by owning cars and automobiles that rest of the world only dream of owning or driving once in their lifetime.

If you are living in Saudi Arabia, you must have seen many cars parked on the side of the highways or roads from a long time. You will find them in parking places as well. These are the cars abandoned by the people. Neighbors complain about how the authorities are not being of any help to move these abandoned vehicles and dump them at the junkyard instead. Most of the people are not sure why people just abandon their cars on roadsides? This heavy chunk of metal can be recycled and be used to fund car parts, but somehow people find it a lot easier to leave them unsupervised.

The Director of the information and publishing at Makkah Municipality, Osama Zaitouni said that owners of these vehicles would be given a period of 15 days to remove them otherwise they will be sold as scrap. Most of the cars that are spotted do not have number plates, but if a vehicle is found with a number plate and is abandoned, the public is advised to call 940 to report such vehicles. It would then be the responsibility of the traffic department to move these vehicles after contacting the owners.

Col. Talaat Al-Mansouri, director of the traffic department in Makkah has ordered for a report by the end of the year keeping track of all the cars they have had to collect, sell out, reclaimed by owners etc.  Alongside, they would carry out inspections to see whether the plan has been implemented by the department effectively or not.[irp]

1-Neighbors have also been complaining that such cars can be used for drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

2-The rusted cars are very unsafe since their children cannot help themselves but wander around them and try to discover what’s inside which can prove to be dangerous.

3-Not only this, but these abandoned cars can also be the ideal location to dump a dead body since no one would ever think of looking there.

4-These cars can be used for some terrorist activities. No one is concerned about these cars and anyone can drive and use it for some terrorist activity. God forbids, some instruments can also be installed in the car.