HAIA Official (Mutawwa) forgives man who stabbed him on Eid ul Fitr

A former member of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice was stabbed three years ago by an unidentified man on the night before Eid-Ul-Fitr. According to the former member, a young man has stabbed him with a knife after being assaulted. The former member had filed a lawsuit against the man, but his whereabouts were untraceable until 3 days ago when a young man was arrested and the former member had identified him as the same man who had stabbed him.  Through the period of three years, it was assumed that the attack was carried out by an anonymous person, making no connection to an issue or particular agenda.[irp]

Three days ago, a young man was found harassing some women at Abi Bakr Alsedeeq Street in Taif. The man was immediately arrested. Somehow the description of the man matched to the one provided by the attacked HAIA official. The ex-HAIA was notified immediately and called in for verification. The ex-HAIA did not waste another minute and immediately rushed to the scene of the crime and identified him as the same man who had stabbed him three years ago.

The young man did not accept the charges that the ex-HAIA had thrown at him and remained in constant denial. Instead of charging the man for the crime he failed to admit, the ex-HAIA member chose to forgive the man and get on with his life and hoped that the forgiveness shall change the man and make him leave the path of the crime he has chosen from himself.

Through this incident, a great valued lesson can be learned. It doesn’t matter whether a crime is big or small, but forgiveness is what makes a man big or small. With this, it can be said, that if a man who had been stabbed for absolutely no reason can have the heart to forgive a man he doesn’t know, we can surely have an immediate grip over our choice of action and exhibition of and rage. We have read about the life of our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. After conquering Makkah, he forgave everyone. Even to those who had killed his (S.A.W) loved ones.[irp]

According to insights, it has been said that the young man will be facing charges for the harassment of women in the street, but he will be forgiven for the crime he committed three years ago if the victim has decided to drop all charges against him. The final decision still has not been announced. It could be possible that he would still have to serve jail time for the attack, but the sentence could be minimized if the attacked has no fear of the man anymore.

Source: Arab News