Tihama and Faifa, the beautiful places to visit in Asir Region

People who might ponder over the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is just as barren land, now deeply evolving into a fully functioning country with roads and highways, eradicating their deserts it would be an odd thing to hear that the Kingdom also holds greenery and very beautiful places. In particular, two villages named as Tihama and Faifa remain two of the top tourist destinations in the Kingdom that faces a large number of local as well as international tourists all around the year. The magic is very unreal. Not only do these places have a beautiful terrain, but the weather during this time of the year reaches to a low of 20 degrees Celcius making it a bearable temperature and climate.[irp]


The tourists have marveled and awed by the beauty of these two villages, both a little different from one another, but similarly located near Abha and following on the trade routes connecting Yemen and Makkah along with the Red Sea. Westerners have felt very welcomed in this part, just as any other of the Kingdom. It is true that the hospitality of Saudis is appreciable and very generous. Not only do they consider it their duty to make all their guests welcomed, but also enjoy spending tons of money and gifts over them. They have been very generous in terms of making them feel that the Kingdom can be an ideal place for them to reside in.

Through the journey in the Kingdom, the places of Tihama and Faifa are typical historical villages, built from stones and keeping intact with the Saudi Culture and Heritage. If you have that the stamina and privilege to take a mountain walk up and down the hill to these villages, you would encounter hummingbirds and baboons that can both frighten and please you. The trip through a vehicle can be uneasy and unpleasant because of the bumpy roads and reckless driving of the local drivers. It is easy for most of the tourists to go in a little cardiac shop while the driver makes a steady turn up the mountain slope.

Over the weekends, there is a huge amount of rush from the locals as they drive up to these villages to spend a day out by the Red Sea and of course their families. When you reach towards the land allocated for picnics, you’ll find areas dedicated to either families or single males. You would easily see a lot of families, enjoying a good barbecue and dipping into the Red Sea for a good swim. It is truly a very interesting and scenery to observe and admire. Just as that, the sunset at the Red Sea is almost magical and very easily replicated by paintings.[irp]

This also helps us admire the life of the Saudis that no matter how the western states categorize the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it has the heart of gold extending invites and acts of generosity to all those who enter their land.