7,000 Patients die every year due to bad handwritten medical prescriptions by Doctors

In this busy scheduled work, time is more important than sympathy and care for humanity. Throughout this period, where we trust our lives to the hands of an individual who is more experienced in the profession of understanding our body and health, we also entrust them with our weaknesses. It cannot be said that they fiddle around with our lives, but they are not taking care of it anymore as they would of their own. A large cause for this is attributed to the materialistic thinking of these doctors since they have gradually become more professional and have locked away any areas of sentiments and sympathy.[irp]

This also makes them a lot stricter as a person. Though, it is not necessary that the doctor should be entirely blamed for the increasing 7,000 number of patients who die each year around the world due to the wrong prescriptions handed out by them. Most of the times, there is a high possibility that doctors tend to use their worst possible handwriting, making it a lot difficult for not only themselves to read later on, but also for the pharmacists. 

In this process, the pharmacists tend to assume what has been written and hand out the incorrect medicines rather than calling in the doctor and confirming what medication he had prescribed the patient in the first place. Just as funny as it sounds, the life of the patient is fiddled around. Rather than making an extra phone call or spending an extra minute and using a better handwriting, the life of their patient is played with, sometimes causing him to lose at life.

This attitude doesn’t fit and justifies the profession of a doctor who is categorized as the blessed in the world to use their brain to save lives, to cure illness and give people the chance to escape their weaknesses.  It is most definitely disappointing that there have been a large number of deaths, even within the Kingdom where at times the spellings of certain medication have been scribbled over the prescriptions mostly because the doctors in the Kingdom aren’t fluent in the English Language.

The health ministry, however, has come up with a system that would help not only the patients but also doctors and pharmacists in writing down and handing out the right medications respectively. The government has introduced the e-system in hospitals that will help to type in prescriptions and hand the patients a typed print. [irp]

This will not only ensure that there are no spelling errors, but also avoid the hassle of handwriting and making it clear to the pharmacists of what medicine has been recommended and prescribed. The ministry has emphasized that all hospitals must adapt to the change as soon as possible to ensure the safety of patients and policies.

Source: Saudi Gazette