The Civil Defense rescues a 3 Years old girl after she fell into a water tank in Makkah

A child is primarily the responsibility of the parents. It is their responsibility to look after the safety and security of the child as the child is just a child and cannot differentiate safe from unsafe, right from wrong. It is also the responsibility of every parent to ensure that their child is healthy and no harm is coming to them in any way. When people get married and subsequently are expecting a baby, it is at that time that the parents need to understand that as soon as the child comes into this world, it will be their complete responsibility to raise the child, and all personal responsibilities and activities that the couple might have had prior to marriage or prior to the child is all secondary.[irp]

Bad parents can be found in every corner of the world, it seems that some people are just not ready to handle a child and take on its responsibilities, hence the children are often left unattended inside the house and they go about doing whatever it is they want to do, while the child in the meanwhile might find an electric socket, open window or any other sort of situation which could end badly for the child. This responsibility of the parents does not merely end when the child is able to walk, read and write, however to the contrary they get increased as now you have to ensure that the child does not go on any stray path and nobody takes advantage of the child.

A recent news story emerging from Makkah states that a civil defense team has rescued a little girl from inside a water tank in the district of Al Faisaliyah. The little girl in question here today is not older than 3 years old. The spokesman for the civil defense body, Colonel Said Sarhan stated that the child was immediately taken to the hospital by the Red Crescent after she was found in the water tank. Currently, an investigation into the matter is underway, however, the authorities do not believe that there is any foul play involved, and the authorities state that it is too early to rule it out.

Spokesman Colonel Sarhan stated that it appears that the little girl fell into the water tank due to the fact that the water tank had not been covered properly. The Civil Defense control center had received information about such an incident at 2.45 p.m. and immediately dispatched their rescue teams to the location of the incident.[irp]

Thankfully the little girls were found alive in the water tank and were also subsequently given first aid treatment by the paramedics who had arrived at the scene of the incident. The Jeddah Secretariat has subsequently also launched an investigation into this incident which fortunately did not end badly. The water tank not being covered properly is not to be blamed and the entire blame, in my opinion, rests on the parents or guardians of the child who let her wander without supervision.

Source: Arab News