Why is it important to Educate your children about Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse on children is one of the most pressing notorious issues faced all over the world. Children are being sexually abused in every corner of the world, and unfortunately little to nothing is being done about it. This is one of the worst things which can happen to children, most of whom do not usually completely understand what it is that is happening. It is only after they get older that they truly understand what happened to them, which can lead to severe health problems both mentally and physically.[irp]

Children who have fallen prey to crimes of sexual abuse are mostly afraid or rather ashamed to tell their parents because they have some sort of guilt or shame that it was directly or indirectly their own fault which caused them to be sexually abused. All acts of sexual abuse will most probably have damaging and long term effects on the emotional and mental health of the victims and will also prevent them in trusting other later on in their life, which is essentially why several experts have laid great stress for parents to have a talk with their children about the menace of sexual abuse.

Right up till 1920, there were no solid studies conducted on the issue of child abuse, which is when these children abuse cases started increasing. By the year 1968 upwards of 44 countries had enacted legalization, which has obliged the doctors to notify the authorities of any sexual abuse cases, which involve children. The report was initially reported in the Al Riyadh local newspaper in the Kingdom. In the year 2000, the WHO or World Health Organization had published a report which had laid an immense amount of stress on the importance of combating exploitation of children and also sexual abuse.

Various studies have shown that around 15 to 25 percent of women and around 5 to 15 percent of men have been victims of sexual abuse in their adolescent years. Around 30 percent of all the sexual offenders are close relatives, where as 60 percent of them are close family friends, where as 10 percent are only strangers or unknowns.  The victims of sexual abuse often suffer from both long and short term bodily, psychological and emotional damage which leads to low self-esteem, mental fatigue, behavioral problems, learning difficulties and drugs or alcohol abuse too.[irp]

In case children reveal that they have been sexually abused, it is the duty of parents to be understanding and also comforting and should most importantly not hold the child responsible. In such cases, the child needs more and more emotional support and to also be taken to a psychiatrist or therapist and a physician.  It is also the duty of parents to notify the related authorities so that the abuser does not repeat their crimes elsewhere. Leaving children alone with domestic workers is the worst thing you could do, and they should be informed to scream if they feel something wrong when someone approaches them.

Source: Al Arabiya