An Expat arrested in Saudi Arabia for abusing and humiliating a Police Officer

The police authority is one of the most important aspects of a smooth functioning society. An example of this is clear in two scenarios, one being a country in which the law enforcement authorities are respected and allowed to work without pressure, and second are those countries in which law enforcement authorities are despised and looked down upon. In the country which respects the law enforcement agencies, we can clearly see a minimal crime rate and safer living environment, where as a country which does not respect the law enforcement agencies will have criminals of all kinds running wild, while the law enforcement agencies are helpless and thus will have a higher crime rate as well as unsafe living environment.[irp]

However, it is not always upon the country, but on an individual level that we either love or hate authoritative figures. Personally I believe we should respect the law enforcement agencies as they are responsible for the upkeep of safety and prevention of crime on the streets, however, there are also some instances where the police or other law enforcement agencies act in a condescending manner to their work.

What needs to be realized is that there is a person behind the uniform, a heart behind a badge and a family behind that man. If you disrespect, harass or harm that man, then you will be prosecuted. Similarly, an expatriate in Riyadh has been taken into custody after he had abused and humiliated a police officer who was just doing his duty at one of the checkpoints around the city. The video of the incident naturally went viral on social media platforms.

In accordance to the spokesman Captain Fawaz Al Maiman of the Riyadh police department, the actions done by the expatriate had one clear motive, and that was to discredit all the hard work that the police have been doing in the city. He added that the suspected will be duly present in court for disrespecting local regulation and also creating mischief with the help of social media.

Check points are a common thing in the Kingdom; they have been set up for security as well as traffic safety reasons. Additionally, special checkpoints are setup during Hajj season to act as crowd control and to confirm that all pilgrims have the Hajj permit or not.

Over the last year, the highway security forces in the Kingdom have started to deploy the female officers onto the roads of the Kingdom in order to check the documents and identity of all female passengers. This is done to stop criminals and terrorists from entering disguised as women.[irp]

The captain stated that the police will continue to stop all suspicious vehicles even if they carry female passengers. Aside from just ensuring the safety of the traffic flowing on the highways, the highway security forces are also authorized to apprehend anybody suspected of being a criminal or terrorist, who sometimes dress up as women to dodge the police.

Source: Arab News