6 Irritating Habits of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)

Indians are one of the biggest population chunks of the large expatriate workforce of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. India is booming with the I.T. sector and other industries just going off the chart. With one of the largest populations on earth, Indians naturally find their way out of their home country and into a foreign land for employment. Although they are pretty down to earth and helpful people, they can be a tad bit annoying sometimes. Here we are going to talk about some irritating habits of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

1-Firstly, they either think that people are staring at them all the time, while the remaining time you will find them intentionally or unintentionally staring.  This might be more so back home, however in the Kingdom, people usually mind their own business, plus it is highly risky and unethical to stare at the women in the Kingdom.

2-It also seems that Indians do not like the word no. Don’t believe me? Just ask them a yes or no question and be prepared for a reply starting with “actually”. This is true for their beloved Pakistanis neighbors too btw. Maybe it is just a norm in the area as a straight up “No” might sound offensive to them.

3-If you have ever invited an Indian or scheduled a non-professional meeting with them, believe me, your clock and theirs will not be in sync because if the meeting was at 9, then expect the meeting to actually be anytime from 9.30 to 10.30.

4-If you ever encounter an Indian driving on the roads, be cautious because you will never know when they suddenly decide they don’t want to be in a specific lane, and will casually just occupy your lane or swerve lanes at the last minute. This act can be appropriated to bad drivers in general, but speaking from experience of a more than one-time occurrence, I think Indians like to surprise themselves by not letting them know where they’re going. It’s definitely going to be an adventure.

5-Have you ever encountered an Indian roommate, for all those who have it is common knowledge that although Indians take good care of their personal belongings and make sure nobody but them touches the belongings or uses them, they subsequently also seem to think that the roommate’s personal belongings such as shampoo, towel, and soap are fair game for everyone? Why is this so, I have no idea. My towel is essentially an only fair game to me and then the washing machine, no in between.[irp]

6-When you see a group of Indians relaxing or just chilling, you will often see some very animated individuals who are often involved in pointing and laughing uncomfortably loudly. While pointing is considered rude in some parts of the world, it doesn’t seem to be so in the Asian subcontinent. I always wondered if there was something truly interesting to where they would point.