Minimum Bank Balance to Hire a Housemaid in Saudi Arabia = SR 30,000

It seems nowadays, the housemaid or housemaids are mainly running the day to day cleaning, cooking and overall maintenance of the home. Previously it was not so. We might blame the women of this generation to not be as hardworking or interested in household chores as our mothers were, or their mothers were before them, while we can also blame the men of this generation to having too unachievable demands from their wives, thus forcing them to employ a housemaid.[irp]

In the case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, housemaids are more of a common occurrence here rather than in the highly developed western world. Rich Saudi families can also be seen having an entourage of housemaids, who sometimes also travel with them to the family’s holiday destinations.

There are however certain rules and regulations that all residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must adhere to in order to hire a housemaid and one cannot simply get up and hire anybody to become their housemaid. The Labor Ministry has just clarified that those households or employers who wish to hire a domestic worker or housemaid will have to meet certain set criteria in order to qualify to hire a housemaid.

These criteria will include having a certain bank balance and also no unpaid traffic fines. These are just some of the stipulations or regulations that the Labor Ministry has highlighted after receiving numerous complaints from several employers that the online applications for a visa for housemaids were rejected. The news was broken by a local publication in the Kingdom.

The Labor Ministry has stated that those applicants with a poor financial status are one of the major reasons why housemaid applications get rejected. The Ministry also stated that other reasons for rejection can also include any unclear or missing documents, seeking numerous visas, no bank statements and unpaid application fee of SAR 2000.

The Labor Ministry also added that in order to hire one housemaid, the prospective employer must be earning a sum of SAR 5,000 per month at least and should also have a minimum bank balance of SAR 35,000 for the six months prior to applying for a housemaid. In order to obtain another visa, the employer must then have a monthly income of SAR 18,000 and also have a bank balance of SAR 120,000 in the bank.

Those wishing for 4 visas will have to have a monthly income of SAR 30,000 and also SAR 250,000 in their bank account. Subsequently, the fifth visa doesn’t have a fixed monthly income but the bank account limit is raised to SAR 500,000.[irp]

The Labor Ministry has stated that the number of total active visas under a person’s (applicants) name is also taken into consideration while processing their new application. They added that the Non-Saudi families living in the Kingdom may hire housemaids by having their salaries verified, clarifying their marital status and also being older than 25 years of age.

Source: Arab News