Procedure to marry a girl from Morocco for a Saudi Resident

Morocco is known for its rich culture and beauty, Moroccan women are the pioneers of knowledge production and artistic expression. They are fluent in Art and Literature.  Moroccan women are highly desired and the marriage in Morocco is recognized in the United States, you do not have to register the marriage again in the United States Consulate General in Casablanca. The non-Muslim man who wishes to marry a Muslim woman must complete a process of one to three months including the time they need to convert to Islam. The people in Morocco take their religion very seriously. The process is less complicated for a Muslim man to marry a non-Muslim woman as Islam allows men to get married to non-Muslims.[irp posts=”1087″ name=”4 Unique Benefits of marrying a Moroccan Girl for a Saudi Resident”]

As religion is essentially the basis of their lifestyles, the women in Morocco are prohibited from marrying non-Muslims unless they convert, socially this is justifiable as then there is a clash of cultures and beliefs. The man they intend to marry must be a Muslim or must convert to Islam before marriage. The foreigners must have the following documents to proceed with the marriage.

  • A certificate of eligibility for marriage
  • A copy of the divorce if in any previous marriage
  • Certificate to prove profession and the income
  • Certificate to prove residency
  • Certificate to prove that the person has converted to Islam or any document which proves that the person is Muslim
  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • Certificate to prove nationality
  • Medical certificate
  • Copy of the passport in case of non-residents to prove entry to country
  • Four recent photographs for documentation
  • Criminal record to check if the person is previously involved in any police cases.
  • A Moroccan girl needs the above-stated documents along with consent from parents for the marriage if minor.

Because of these platforms now love is not bound by regional restrictions. Many people become friends with people overseas due to the internet and social media. Many times these friendships evolve into engagements and marriages. However, people need to be aware of fraud which is commonly carried out for foreign nationality. People commonly get married to US citizens just for the Green Card. People are regularly informed and a vigorous system is laid out to ensure fraud is minimized.

With the advancement in technology, these relationships have also evolved. They communicate through different social platforms like Skype where they can visually see each other, through WhatsApp where they can talk all day long for free and Facebook where they can socialize with each other’s friends. Even though according to several statistics, the people in Morocco indulge in higher marriage fraud.[irp]

Many times these marriages have turned out to be extremely successful as it eventually depends on the nature of the relationship and the bond you share. Not always are these platforms exploited, many times people find their soul mates and live a happy life with them thus making a stereotypical statement that all overseas marriages result in divorce are wrong. Marrying a Moroccan woman could be the best thing to happen to a man in anywhere in the world.