Why is it important to think about Death every day?

Everyone who is born and comes to Earth being mortal, stating that as a human being we all will one day die as per the will of Allah. Islam places great emphasis on the mortality of mankind and has quoted on several occasions in the Quran that “The death from which you run away will certainly approach you” (62:08). One should not freeze life and start fearing death; instead, we have to abide by Allah's laid out standards to live life according to the Shariah Laws. Death is inevitable, there is no force or person who can save us from death.[irp]

People tend to forget the reality of life, that we all have to return to our creator one day and should have done good deeds to show God. The biggest reality checks for a human being is when they attend a funeral of a loved one or someone young who they can relate to, the state of realization and shock stays for a few days and wears off with the commencement of their normal lives. When we admit and adjust to the fact that we all must die and become realistic about it, we tend to live to the fullest.

Allah wants us to keep a balance between the world and the hereafter. No one apart from Allah knows when we are to be born and when we are to die, Allah decides the day we are born and the day we must die. He is the Supreme Authority and no other force can intervene with his decision.

Several Quranic verses tell people of ‘the life of death’ and encourage them to be on the righteous path to be rewarded with Allah's bounties. We have been told that those who commit sin and lead a wrongful life will be punished and sent to Hell and those who live a life based on the Shariah which is Allah's guided path, will be rewarded with Heaven.  Details of how both Hell and Heaven will be are clearly stated in the Quran.

Knowing we have a limited time to live, we should utilize it positively instead of doing people wrong, being unfair in dealings and later apologize to Allah for going off the path he wants us to use. A very famous scholar said “those people are liars for if they really do trust Allah, they would have complied with His Shariah”, he said this for those who commit sin and then believe that Allah will forgive him and have faith that He will.[irp]

Having faith in Allah is one thing and believing that you can do whatever you want to do and then just ask for forgiveness because he is the Most Forgiving is another, the intention while asking for forgiveness in very essential as forgiveness means that the practice will not be carried out again. We can say that the way we deal with death and our actions are contradicting from our words, as our actions and reactions mean more than our words.