King Salman allows Syrian Expatriates to work without Iqama

The expatriates of Syria who are here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a valid visit visa are now allowed to work here in Saudi Arabia, the Syrian expats can avail this opportunity through “Ajeer”. Ajeer is authorized by the Ministry of Labor to organize the manpower and to do the documentation for all the labors that are going to work temporarily at other than their original work place. The visitor’s service through Ajeer provides a work permit temporarily that is valid for a period of Six months and it allows the individuals and owners of businesses to get benefits of the services made available by the residents. It is important to note that all this process shall be in accordance with the labor regulations of Saudi Arabi.[irp]

This decision has been taken by a technical team which was formed taking a contribution from different authorities to design a mechanism to issue, cancel and renews the temporary work permits for the Syrian brother living in the King of Saudi Arabia on visit visa. Sources from concerned authorities have expressed that all the Syrian expatriates living in the Kingdom are being divided into two categories. The people who are here in Saudi Arabi and they have an Iqama and the people who are in the Kingdom on visit visa and they have the permission to work through Ajeer.

Special rules are drafted for this category, the rules explain that if any employer wants to discontinue the contract with an employee and the employee wants to carry on with his job, and at the same time there is another employer and he wants that the services of the employee may transfer to him, in this situation services of the employee could now be transferred without the prior approval being taken from the first company or employer.

It will be done after obtaining endorsement from the original employer in order to mark the final departure of the resident. In accordance with the Royal directives, the ministry of Labor has changed the status of Yemeni expats living in the Kingdom without any legal status before the 20th day of Jumad Al Akhira 1436 AH.

In order to facilitate Yemini expats, a Visitor’s system was launched. This system allowed the individuals and owners of businesses to get benefits from the services of these Yemeni residents and it is obvious that they had to abide by the Saudi labor regulations. In accordance with the Royal Decree, Ajeer has also been helpful for the Yemeni expats, they were provided with the temporary permits for work that was valid for a period of six months, it was done after Yemeni’s obtained legal travel documents from the Yemeni government. 

The sources have told that most important thing in this matter is that the contract lay down the rights of both the parties to contract. If their rights are violated visitors can easily launch complaints to the concerned authority and they are also registered under the Occupational Hazards Branch of the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI).[irp]

Ajeer has high aims to facilitate the business sector across the Kingdom by providing solutions for documentation of contractual relationships, this includes both the subcontracts and direct labor contracts.

Source: Arab News